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Death in the Ring


• ISBN: 978-0-9967492-4-4 – Trade Paperback
• Distributed by GeorgeThomasClark.com


Let’s invite many of the greatest boxers, and their contemporaries, to tell their own stories, some true, others tales based on history. Peter Jackson barges into John L. Sullivan’s hotel room to demand a fight. Jim Jeffries regales listeners about his barroom confrontation with Jack Johnson. A bar owner discusses the violent alcoholism of Battling Siki. Jack Dempsey and his detractors hold forth. Sonny Liston stars in three stories. Nelson Mandela boxes Barack Obama. The top 13 heavyweights are identified. Muhammad Ali, Jerry Quarry, Emanuel Steward, Alexis Arguello, Lennox Lewis, and Archie Moore and others also share experiences. They’re frank about their serious business. They know there can always be Death in the Ring.