Echoes from Saddam Hussein – Excerpt

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This is an excerpt from Echoes from Saddam Hussein

Saddam Wears a Beard

I’m still and forevermore President of Iraq and remind you that ninety-nine percent of the people support me.  Imagine George W. Bush telling me to get out of my country within forty-eight hours.  He’s an arrogant little man who considers Iraq a cowboy movie set and himself the gunslinger everyone fears.  Really, no one’s afraid of Bush the man.  In person I’d slap his face and overwhelm him in debate.  He needs the American military machine to blow his hot air.  Even that didn’t frighten me.  I remained in Iraq after the criminal invasion of April 2003 and commanded my forces until they disintegrated and still I stayed, eluding bombs, bullets, and barking dogs, and stood defiantly when the infidels found me bearded and unbathed in a hole. 
Many laughed and said my fall had been ignominious.  On the contrary I felt like a wounded warrior poised for the next offensive.  Hundreds of thousands of enemies have fallen under my sword, and I’ll soon be free to fight again.  My captors are learning their illegal efforts to break me will certainly fail as the international community asks many painful questions.  Why was I initially forced into court without an attorney at my side?  Why weren’t Iraqi reporters allowed to attend?  Why was video footage released without sound?  Why were tapes later censored and re-released?  Can you imagine a power that occupied the United States denying American reporters access to the trial of a former president?  All this is unconscionable and why Arabs and others see my trial as a sham and another insult ground into their faces by the world’s solitary and ever-righteous superpower.
The Americans are also cowardly in dictating that my trial not be televised either live or on a delayed basis.  They fear my charisma and rhetorical ability to attack injustice would galvanize people throughout the Middle East.  All Arabs are proud I’m willing to fight our enemies and, when economic catastrophe inevitably overwhelms Iraq, citizens will demand a strong and decisive leader, a man like Stalin, a man like me. 
Everyone in Iraq, and surely most in America, realize that Bush and his henchmen are lying that “it’s only Al-Qaeda and other foreign elements perpetrating violence in Iraq.”  Just read the Associated Press report of July ninth, 2004 that quotes U.S. military officials who insist the insurgency is comprised of far more than five thousand men.  They either acknowledge that or flunk elementary math.  The Americans killed four thousand warriors in April yet still face more enemies every day.  Iraqi Sunnis are outraged at losing power and privileges I bestowed them, and forming regional cells led by tribal sheiks who can summon thousands more fighters, assassins, and bomb makers. 
It’s ominous for Americans that in recent months many of their unnamed officials said insurgents have so much support “they cannot be militarily defeated.”  That opinion was again reported on July ninth.  Does the Bush administration read these reports?  We must presume that George W. Bush does not because he hates to read or study or be contradicted.  His world, like that of malicious Dick Cheney, is eternally simple: the bad guy is only who America says he is, and he is Saddam.  But as the death toll of American soldiers soars, maybe someone else in the administration will concede that many Iraqis are unhappy about the occupation, that they can’t be forever repressed, and the solution will have to come through diplomacy.  That won’t happen without my leadership.  Why listen to Bush?  He may not hold office much longer.  Another Massachusetts blue nose, John Kerry, could be my next opponent.


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