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Hitler Here Reviews


The Midnight Bookworm

July 2008

Hitler Here is one of the best…No, it is the best book about Hitler that I’ve ever read, and I’m proud to have it in my library.

Dr. M. Gautham Machaiah

August 2007

Hitler Here, A Biographical Novel by George Thomas Clark, brings to life one of the most despised dictators of history whose unquenched thirst for rabid power thrust the World War II on unwilling nations. The book provides a deep insight into the garbled mind of Hitler who in his quest to stretch German borders beyond unimaginable limits wreaked death and destruction on millions of innocent people, including his own.

The book is gripping in the sense that instead of being a narrative, each character delivers his own story in his own words. Thus, the players in this sordid chapter of history come alive in the book.

One instance where hundreds of unsuspecting Jews are herded into a basement, told to undress for a mass bath and are then gassed to death, is particularly heart wrenching. At several such crematoria, thousands of Jews were gassed, their ornaments including gold teeth removed, their bodies consigned to hot ovens and ash dumped in the river.

The biography has some interesting facts about how Hitler was inundated with flowers from beautiful women during his brief incarceration, the wily manner in which he catapulted to power after a failed putsch, his strange sexual behaviour, how he believed that he was promoting world peace by perpetuating war and the cruel way in which he eliminated his rivals.

The book explains how the Fuehrer who believed that he was the greatest conqueror in history endowed with super intelligence disregarded advice from his Generals and ordered his troops forward even in the light of imminent defeat, which ultimately led to the bombarding of Germany and Hitler’s suicide in a bunker in the company of his long time lover, Eva.

A must read for lovers of history.

Dr M. Gautham Machaiah

Historical Novels Review Online

Fall 2004
Hitler Here is a biographical novel that traces the life of Hitler from his rise to power, dominance of Germany in World War II, and ultimately his death. The novel is cleverly constructed using short first-person narratives that span from a single paragraph to five pages. The narratives are written from the point of view of major historical players and personalities of the time period, including Goering, Goebbels, Eva Braun, and Hitler himself, as well as the everyday man. This unique combination of multiple perspectives dynamically brings the time period to life. The frustrations and fears of Germany between 1914 and 1945 are made urgent and real to the reader. The novel is painstakingly and excellently researched, but it avoids reading like a textbook by putting a human face on the events. The author avoids cartoonish villainization of the Hitler regime; he instead portrays the individuals in a human manner by focusing on the mental illnesses, social stigmas, physical defects, and addictions that shaped their characters. This is not to say he is sympathetic, but rather that he illustrates with precision their frightening madness, cunning, and brutality. Hitler comes alive in a chillingly believable way that makes him even more disturbing. The one exception to the wonderful character portrayal is that of the women in the novel, who are stereotyped as shallow and vain. In short, this book answers the question of how an atrocity like the rule of Hitler could happen. This novel is excellent for the historical novice, as it clearly and interestingly lays out the series of events leading up to and through World War II. Due to the stunning amount of research and detail, this novel would also appeal to any history buff.

Amanda Speight

Lt. Col. Arne Christiansen (retired)

Fall 2004
HITLER HERE is a fantastic biographical novel about the development and events of World War II, and in my unbiased opinion ranks with Stephen Ambrose’s great WWII books. George Thomas Clark offers a unique synopsis of conversations between Hitler, his cohorts, and his opponents, and brings the reader into their thoughts and feelings. This book was most interesting throughout.

Book Review Cafe

November 2004

An excellent look into the life of this controversial man. The author takes us into Hitler’s mind as well as the minds of those around him, and offers insight into the years before he came into power and up to the end. Each detail of his life is brought to paper like never before, giving the reader a penetrating view of the man. We see he also understands the end is near and we almost sense there is a genuine sadness about the dreams that are slowly fading and his life coming to a close. One wonders if he had only taken a different path how would he be remembered in history? An interesting book for those who enjoy World War II history and Germany.

Mr. Clark has found his forte and I do hope to see more of his work in the future.

Louise Riveiro-Mitchell

The Midwest Book Review

October 2004

George Thomas Clark’s 637-page biographical novel Hitler Here documents his ability to carry an extended and complex plot focused upon Adolf Hilter, his friends and his subordinates. Expertly researched, the fictionalized treatment allows the author to peer into and reflect Hitler’s mind, and talk directly to historical figures such as Eva Braun, Goering, Goebbels, Himmler, and more. In fact, the novel’s style is not that of a traditional unbroken narrative, but rather a lengthy, hodgepodge collection of first-person reports and views from a wide variety of figures – each excerpt is rarely more than a page in length, and together they piece together a dark, unfolding story of the atrocities of World War II. A compelling tale, all the more horrific for its grounding in truth.


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