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I was hungry and the manager of the gallery showing wild faces said the deli across the street’s world famous go on over and get something. Okay I said and pressed the steel arrow to red-light busy Melrose Ave. and allow me to cross. Inside the deli large glass cases featured food I began studying and when the guy asked can I help you I said no thanks I’ll look a little longer before I decide and take my food back to a table.

No it’s only food to go in the deli.

I want things I see now not something I might not recognize on a menu.

The restaurant’s separate. You have to wait in line over there.

There’s no line.

Here or to go?

I asked for two orders of pasta one tomato the other green and a turkey breast sandwich with tomato and lettuce no mayo.

He prepared and bagged my order and I paid him saying thanks and walked back into a restaurant that looked full but I found a small table and tore my bag and opened the food but before the first bite the guy walked over me and said I told you no take out orders in the restaurant.

Don’t interrupt my meal.

He left and returned with three colleagues. Sir please take your food and leave.

I arose looking at my food grabbed tomato pasta and pushed it into the instigator’s face. They converged grabbing a limb apiece and carried me outside and tossed me onto the Melrose sidewalk.

Bring me my take out or I’m calling my attorney.

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