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North Korean Explains RaceFacebooktwitterlinkedinmail

We the happy and well-fed people of North Korea must maintain our racial purity lest we become like the suffering, ill-shaped barbarians who surround this paradise created by divine Kim Jong-Un and his father and grandfather. Ignore those who’re starving in our country. Don’t worry about those who’ve disappeared. Their blood was tainted by inferior races like the South Koreans and Chinese whose brains are polluted by lies. Only our dear leader can protect us from the perverse world that seeks to destroy us.

Kim Jong-Un is forever on guard and wants everyone to know our most dangerous enemy is that “wicked black monkey Obama,” as I was recently honored to call him in a special publication. Haven’t you noticed? Obama doesn’t even look like a human being and should be living “with a group of monkeys in the world’s largest African natural zoo and lick the bread crumbs thrown by spectators… He’s dirty… He’s a clown… He’s a delinquent.”

He’s unfit to lead a pack of monkeys much less a nation. A leader should look like Kim Jong-Un. He should have a fat face bearing a dim expression and he needs a big gut and bigger mouth and cool friends like Dennis Rodman. That big monkey didn’t vote for Obama, did he? If so, our dear leader may not hang out with him any more.

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