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Come on in. This Tijuana home may be modest but it’s yours for a tenth you’d pay in San Diego. Now, step back here and check out the kitchen. You won’t have to go out front or back doors. Leave through this fine tunnel and relax in the little rail car rolling seven hundred yards right under the border to a couple of sturdy San Diego warehouses. Those places are money makers, believe me.

You’re not really looking for a residence. No problem. Let’s check out this industrial package. I know these warehouses don’t look so great. You don’t want them to. They’re unobtrusive and functional and linked to a tunnel with an electric rail system that’s lit and ventilated, a much better passage than the last one. You can move all the pot and coke you want through here.

Okay. You don’t want any buildings. Think they’re cop magnets. Don’t worry. We’ll just drive out to this other tunnel. No buildings on either end. Of course it’s got an electric rail system. We don’t expect our clients to be pack mules. But you’ll have to carry a lot of money to the bank.

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