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Everywhere I go people are talking about Mike Tyson looking so fast and strong in a five-second video as he pounds a trainer’s mitts that don’t hit back. I watch a few times to make sure I understand everything he’s doing – boom, boom, boom, firing left right left upstairs, then two hard left hooks to a padded body, ducking a right he knows is coming and finishing with another right to a mitt head high. Damn good. No one hits mitts and bags like Mike Tyson. I’m not surprised he’s talking about a comeback. Just exhibitions three or four rounds.

That’s a coincidence because I’ve been thinking about doing the same thing. Maybe Mike and I should fight a third time. I’ve lost a home and fortune and need the work and Mike wants revenge for the way I twice destroyed him. We’ve just got to be patient and make the fans hungry. While we’re preparing for the right opponents, guys not too good or young, Mike and I’ll be all over social media as millions watch our career highlights: Mike bombs ninety percent of his opponents but in our first showdown I deck him with a left hook and a few rounds later, the tenth, fire a straight right to his chin, stunning him, and batter his head the final twenty sounds before he staggers back to his corner. I credit Mike for coming out next round to be hit by the sweetest lefts and right I’ve ever thrown.

Now we’ll generate more heat, arguing about our second fight. Mike will again claim I intentionally butt and bust up his eyes so bad he’ll scare his kids, so after losing the first two rounds he spits out his mouthpiece and bites off a chunk of my right ear, is warned and penalized two points, but soon chews on my left ear to disqualify himself. I’m a straightforward and humble guy and telling you Mike Tyson doesn’t want to fight me that night. He lost the second fight at the end of the first. Mike’s a beast when he’s winning but sometimes the other guy’s the badass.

I’m just wondering, at age fifty-seven and having fought too long and taken too many punches, if I can still beat Mike Tyson. He’s four years younger and his body and mind may be a little fresher.

Mike Tyson sharp in 2020 training

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