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Andy Warhol at The Broad MuseumFacebooktwitterlinkedinmail

Elvis empties holster standing cowboy wide in boots gun pointed straight eyes aimed too far right. I doubt he ever shoots anything but TVs.

Meet Thomas Francis G FBI most wanted for staring uneven and grim so you don’t really want him. He’d shoot anyone who tries to stop him from robbing Chase Manhattan bank of three hundred grand in 1955 Queens. Thomas Francis G splits loot with accomplice and escapes with wife and two kids. Latter soon have to be abandoned. No one knows what happens to couple.

I love Jackie twenty times she appears somber and beautiful before granitic soldier. Sadly, someone shoots Jackie’s husband.

A deranged woman shoots me in 1968 and I feel like it’s all happening on TV.

Sources: Three works by Andy Warhol at The Broad.

Single Elvis 1963

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