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Al Sharpton v. Jesse Jackson

Bill Jones, mayor of a small town in the Midwest, made some controversial remarks about integration of schools and neighborhoods, and three hours later Jesse Jackson’s jet skidded into the local airport, which has a notoriously short runway for even small private aircrafts, and in less than a minute the reverend emerged, waved to more […]

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The Heritage Foundation Beckons Me

This story is from the rousing political book “King Donald”

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Drought is God’s Punishment

Until last week I thought the drought that’s squeezing California resulted from natural weather fluctuations, and didn’t want to be political or presume to have scientific insight so rarely mentioned climate change and then only as a relatively minor factor. I should’ve known there was a much simpler yet more ominous explanation, and Shannon Grove […]

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Eldridge Cleaver has Changed

There were confrontational people in the crowd and they hurled invectives at a speaker created for confrontation. A young curly-haired fellow, smirking, waved a sign that projected insulting remarks about the man on the platform, and he shouted, “You’re in the FBI.” “First of all, you can take that sign and shove it,” said the […]

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Good Luck Nigeria

I’m in the Nigerian army a few years ago when Muslim insurgents of Boko Haram start killing people in the north and demand girls stop attending Western schools and establish harsh rules supposedly found in the Koran. I don’t know or care about that stuff and doubt President Goodluck Jonathan does, either. Like me, he’s […]

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Boko Haram

studious girls nailed by boko haram

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Just Askin’

why half million nigerian soldiers dance with zealots

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Godane Wants You

Bin Laden considered me extreme and sneered when I wrote, “At your service, Osama.” Good riddance. Al Qaeda’s irrelevant. Come and join Shabaab. I shall liberate all Muslims. As a prerequisite I’ve eliminated many former allies who were soft and didn’t understand we must ceaselessly destroy invading Kenyans and Somali traitors and foreign teachers and […]

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Morsi the Great

I detest people who doubt I’m ideal President of Egypt. I oppose tyranny and always did in years as activist in Muslim Brotherhood. Now I’m battling reactionary elements of former regime trying to regain power and repress liberty. I don’t allow courts to help enemies of progress. I ignore them and godless parties seeking to […]

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On floor she kneeled and begged lord, help me, please, and collapsed gagging about to choke when preacher pounced and retrieved tongue.

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Heavenly Advice

Gerald didn’t want to go to church. He wanted to stay home and shadowbox while cursing enemy. He didn’t believe religious stuff and only went because wife reminded he’d promised. Fine, he’d do time but prayers and music were aggravating. He glanced at wristwatch. Priest in robe, sequestered by scripture, didn’t know squat. Gerald hardly […]

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Priest short and gray has high voice but strong shake.

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Child Bride

This story is now in the collection “Tales of Romance”

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Sunday School

Lady teaching Sunday school passes out coloring books and crayons and says draw pretty pictures. All kids comply but one scratches black lines over faces and bodies, forcing concerned lady to gently remove and wad.

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Vladimir Putin Suppresses Pussy Riot

My Gods are no longer Lenin and Stalin and beautiful communist colossus crumbling during greatest geopolitical disaster of Twentieth Century. Higher power now is Russian Orthodox Church which supports me and ongoing recovery of nation I have rebuilt and led for many years and, God willing, will lead many more. It has thus been sacred […]

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Good News for Jesus at the Bakersfield Islamic Conference

At the sixth annual Bakersfield Islamic Conference, before a few hundred attendees in a hotel ballroom, crew-cut Joshua Evans, looking scholarly behind a long brown beard and matching brown glasses, delivered this information: you cannot be a Muslim unless you believe in Jesus, one of five great Prophets who brought about seminal changes. Islam also […]

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Norwegian Fascist Salute

norwegian anti muslim anders breivik sieg heils in court to commemorate blowing up eight and shooting several dozen kids next time anders breivik sieg heils court orders fascist arm amputated and used as club

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Bible Bombers

god and allah love bombers

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Memo to U.S. Troops in Afghanistan

do not burn the koran intentionally or unintentionally and do not use it for target practice

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Madonna Teases Super Bowl Audience

hey some guy flipped off america during super bowl halftime show few noticed nonevent but bible busters protested when should’ve imagined madonna fifties fit in parked or moving cars on sofas in reading chairs on or under dining room tables planning to disappear in smoke revealing message world peace

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Trust Newt Gingrich

trust newt gingrich god and south carolina have forgiven him

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Christmas Food

thirty years merry company christmas parties no one damaged evident act of god no longer assured worries new boss banning festivities since every year food sickens millions hospitalizes thousands kills hundreds

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Church Service – Part 2

This story is now in the collection “Tales of Romance”

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Taco Delight – Part 2

at party after son’s baptism host offered me taco i bit and chewed thinking this is worst i’ve ever had but maybe mistaken since tacos always good tried another bite and gagged before parting tortilla to see not ground beef but something like guts oozing white what’s this stuff cow brains host said you shoulda […]

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Sunday School

lady in sunday school passes out color books and crayons saying draw some pretty pictures all kids comply but one who scratches black lines over faces and bodies forcing concerned lady to gently remove and wad

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Male Hijab

some men hide from each other in hijabs

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there is no he only twisted dogma

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Criminal Justice in Islam

In blighted but affordable east Bakersfield old bank transformed into new mosque hosts annual Islamic Conference where keynote speaker Main Al-Qudah, PhD in Islamic law and imam at large mosque in Houston, steps to podium. He’s slim, stern, middle-aged, dressed in suit and tie, and resembles prosecutor as power points to screen bearing principles of […]

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Geopolitics at the Tomb of the Virgin Mary

Visitors to the Tomb of the Virgin Mary, near Jerusalem, are doubtless humbled and excited by the opportunity to establish a physical connection, however mystical, to her son, Jesus Christ. According to the Sacred Tradition of Eastern Christianity, Mary died naturally and three days after being lain to rest was resurrected body and soul into […]

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Avoiding Rape

This story is now in the collection “Tales of Romance”

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Devil Rebukes Pat Robertson for Remarks about Haiti

I’m weary of people blaming me for calamities both natural and premeditated. Recently, religious charlatan Pat Robertson attributed the disastrous earthquake in Haiti – as well as its tragic history of slavery, colonialism, bloodthirsty leaders, crime, poverty, hurricanes, floods, and other disasters – to a “pact with the devil” by leaders of the 1791 slave […]

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This story is now in the collection “Tales of Romance”

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Right Church

I didn’t know where to look. From first grade I’d gone to Catholic church. It was routine and boring with kneeling and standing while priests mumbled and hissed things not related to daily life. At monthly confession I felt they were snobby and unapproachable, especially when told had two sons and wasn’t married. They grilled […]

Breaking the Fast of Ramadan

Dawn till dusk Ramadan adherents forsake food, drink, sex, and destructive behavior to “cleanse bodies and souls, empathize with less fortunate, embrace self-purity and self-restraint, cut themselves off from worldly conflicts, and focus on purpose of life by constantly being aware of God.” Month of rigor ends with consumption of dates followed by feast. Afterward […]

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