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The In Crowd

I’m a leader and other girls do what I say and fifteen are helping me deal with Rebecca. I’m bigger and can easily beat her up by myself but that’s not the point. I want everyone to hate her. She used to see a guy who dropped her for me. That’s not enough either. The […]

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Dolphin Brother Supports Incognito

This story is in the collection “Basketball and Football”

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Pastoral Kiss

Once skinny target John pumped iron and in two years built body and brass enough to train as boxer and on Saturday afternoon walked into park and sat on grass next to unknown young woman whose boyfriend leaned to protest. John punched his face and as girlfriend screamed grabbed shoulders and kissed fiery lips.

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Bully Solution

Most days in class few guys call me four-eyes or squirrel and say I’ll be in trouble at recess. Sometimes I try to stay inside but teachers make me go out and play. I’m not smallest kid in schoolyard but one of them and maybe most clumsy. When you’re that way everyone knows. Bigmouths get […]

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