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buy more guns to shoot the shooters

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Where’s the NRA on Roseburg?

Naturally, when there’s another rapid-fire mass murder in an American public school, I look to the National Rifle Association for comfort and insight, and have been searching the NRA website for several days, since the slaughter of ten students at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, but have yet to locate an article – or […]

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Gun Lover

Firepower’s important and guaranteed by Second Amendment because Founding Fathers wanted us free and would be proud how well we protect personal liberty. So don’t blame gun lovers for slaughter of twenty children at school in Newtown. That wasn’t our fault. We’re law-abiding parents who want kids safe. Trust me, laws restricting guns are already […]

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We Still Love Our Guns

Just off work early this gray Friday afternoon I sought escape and relaxation in sports talk radio but the hosts weren’t talking about sports. They were lamenting lost lives of children and the senselessness of random violence. Something pretty bad must’ve happened but I sensed these somber gentlemen weren’t going to reveal what so I […]

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