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Old Joe Kapp Still Brawling

The known facts have been posted on YouTube and written about by those eager to revive the excitement of an enraged quarterback Joe Kapp in action. We’ll review those events before reporting recently discovered facts that now overwhelm the precipitating events which began in Canada’s Grey Cup championship football game in 1963 when lineman Angelo […]

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Anthony Trollope Counters

I seek not your sympathy but cherish your attention as I here attempt to convey some of the events of my nightmare years as a student at Harrow in the early eighteen thirties. I entered school as a wretched farmer’s boy required to sit among the sons of peers, and their sophistication I at once […]

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Theodore Roosevelt v. William H. Taft

In the White House of 1907 I was waiting for my friend Teddy Roosevelt when rotund Secretary of War William H. Taft huffed by. “Rather out of shape, aren’t you, old fellow,” I said. “I’m relatively trim at two-eighty-three, a good fifty less than you, I dare say.” “All right, when President Roosevelt arrives, I’ll […]

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Baseball Bat Killers Sentenced

Two years ago a murder story in Bakersfield haunted me and, despite uneasiness, I decided to view the crime scene. A forty-year old man, Patrick Matsuda, who lived in a neighborhood of new and expensive homes, had been killed by bat-wielding miscreants. For weeks residents had been complaining to each other and the police that […]

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