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Fall of Pop

warriors bomb spurs lebron fires popovich

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Chapo Recaptured

okay the cabrones recaptured me and killed five amigos before taking me back to prison where i’d tunneled out and i asked for my old cell but you know cabrones they said i’d be somewhere else

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Hungry Candidates

This story is from the rousing campaign book “King Donald”

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street signs claim gun and drug free zone

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Hill of Shame

you ask why with blankets and refreshments we like tourists go to parash hill overlooking gaza and i confess i need angry orange flames and plumes of smoke black white and gray and to see buildings collapse and afterward study crimson photos of corpses wrapped white in sheets like those covering my children when they […]

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This story is from the rousing campaign book “King Donald”

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Senior Scams

Don’t think thieves have no conscience. Some of us feel quite guilty, even before capture. Thankfully, I think I’ve outgrown my unacceptable tendencies; serving two stints in prison and turning seventy make a man mellow and empathetic. Today I’m just one of about fifty aging residents of Paradise Homes who’ve gathered in the community center […]

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essential profile three quarters shooters right wing whites

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buy more guns to shoot the shooters

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Turkey to ISIS

miles of isis tanker trucks back and forth syria to turkey

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This story is from the rousing campaign book “King Donald”

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The Plan

what’re you gonna do retire then what write all day

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Images of Death

Emiliano Zapata Dead handsome and authoritative he’s highlighted by grand mustache pointing at bloody chest amid men looking into camera 1919 Photograph from Archivo Casasila Cadaver of Pancho Villa not again will he extend both arms to earth as he hangs on his back over door of convertible Anonymous photo 1923 Poster Demonstration ghostly head […]

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Boko Haram

studious girls nailed by boko haram

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Just Askin’

why half million nigerian soldiers dance with zealots

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White Heat

angry old men crave war and dissolution

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Philip Seymour Hoffman

don’t want whole beer only half enough to roll

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The Chancellor

night hitler became chancellor said no power will get me out alive 1-30-33

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pyramid generals mummify those asking questions

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Brahms Meets Tchaikovsky

Brahms and Tchaikovsky once met. Don’t like your work, said former. Don’t like yours either, he replied.

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stalker aims at breasts she removes

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Party Talk

conversation consumed by festive groans

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twelve foot tires grind trucks into open pits

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Facebook Flash

here’s picture of my buttocks fifty facebook friends click they like it

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Update Martin Luther King Speech

a million die by 1966 day i deliver “beyond vietnam a time to break silence” declaring poverty inevitable in “society gone mad on war” and still i see america attacks to feed “giant triplets of racism materialism and militarism” Editorial Note: This is revised and reduced from the original post in January 2012.

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Crime Scene

going to drive by house down street want to come what house said wife where those three people were shot last night that’s disgusting

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Lion Family

author of “the serengeti lion” doesn’t understand father ripping cubs to death or mother eating their guts Source: “Wild Things” by David Samuels in Harper’s June 2012.

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Conviction of Bashar al-Assad

i keep saying terrorists incited and abetted by foreigners are attacking our beloved syrian homeland and have convinced myself and hope you as well

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money men who rage against crime appreciate stylish new gallows on wall street

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Mexican Journalists Murdered

routine news three mexican journalists found maimed in plastic bags week after female reporter strangled at home

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Both Barrels

everyone now armed in public new law mandates good citizens carry second gun

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El Popo Getting Hot in Mexico

volcanologists at national disaster prevention center in mexico city say rock spewing el popo volcano agitating like teenager’s pimple must be dreary group or would’ve likened el popo to hard on ready to blow

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Norwegian Fascist Salute

norwegian anti muslim anders breivik sieg heils in court to commemorate blowing up eight and shooting several dozen kids next time anders breivik sieg heils court orders fascist arm amputated and used as club

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Quitting Time

avoid and digress until time to quit

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Iron Women

iron curtain lifted and shoved into bones of women looking west

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Bashar al-Assad Can’t Stop

can’t stop shooting terrorists still firing can’t retreat or they’ll move in can’t have ceasefire till sure terrorists controlled by monitors from right countries

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stranded soul implodes

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Mind Afire

mind afire doused with gas

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Surprise Fat Man

glance through window reveals fat man bending in coffee shop next door

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Berlin Wall Bones

under berlin wall rats chewed bones of lenin and stalin

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Ambitious Diet

much younger wife serves spicy meals and strong drinks

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Profile of a Suit

if he bombs pollutes and steals he’ll be wearing a suit

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Bible Bombers

god and allah love bombers

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Bashar al-Assad’s New Hippocratic Oath

bashar al-assad distinguished opthamologist has revised hippocratic oath at gunpoint demanding doctors foreswear treating injured patients in syrian hospitals

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Bashar al-Assad’s Minefield

why mine borders blocking those who want to flee imprisoned in syria they’ll slit your gut

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Assad Explains Siege of Homs

I’ve been reading international reports. People are saying I’ve sequestered myself with sycophants and yes men. They should be quiet and listen to the truth. I admit my opposition’s a bit broader than initially perceived. Quite a few terrorist-infected Syrians don’t understand the Assad dynasty must endure. To protect the country I’ve been forced to […]

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flowery serpents crawl into lungs

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Female Beverage

she kept drinking and the phone stopped ringing

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Evil Eye

why look at me like that email link only for aesthetic reasons

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Ivan the Terrible

identification card proves ivan demjanjuk guarded jews at sobibor death camp demjanjuk insists had to or die only handful of two hundred fifty thousand jews survived and no aged survivor remembers so ivan demjanjuk though convicted as accessory in murder of twenty-eight thousand was released to german nursing home pending appeal at least he’ll never […]

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Cow Sense

on side cow’s legs forever extend toward chewers and a head stuck in barbed wire looks confused

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Relative Real Estate

newspaper says going to be one oh three in bakersfield seventy three in santa barbara but former has lower housing prices

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Memo to U.S. Troops in Afghanistan

do not burn the koran intentionally or unintentionally and do not use it for target practice

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Animals in Office

swine snorts at talent wish i’d wonder if too late reptile darts and hisses insinuating problems exist wish i’d wonder if too late hyena snarls at herself through others wish i’d wonder if too late

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Oral Alarm Clock

deep voice grinds my name too early every morning

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Just One More

said have drink come on let’s party least one more now no one listens so exhorts himself

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Supermarket Bulletins – Part 2

in supermarket checkout line headlines and color photos pronounce this star’s fatter than you that one’s more wrinkled both had botched plastic surgery another’s anorexic he’s drunk they’re addicted she’s in treatment he’s in jail she’s spendthrift he’s abusive she’s vain he’s unfaithful so’s she wonder what rag publishers are like

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The Right Room

first time on puerto vallarto tour quite hungover stand at basin looking into fright woman pops up behind and says sir are you aware this is women’s years later long sober at bakersfield movie women enter one says what’s guy doing in here leaving rapidly forget to say heat intoxication

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Eternal Taliban

This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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Madonna Teases Super Bowl Audience

hey some guy flipped off america during super bowl halftime show few noticed nonevent but bible busters protested when should’ve imagined madonna fifties fit in parked or moving cars on sofas in reading chairs on or under dining room tables planning to disappear in smoke revealing message world peace

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Liberated Computer

omniscient computer denies access to my pictures file

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Over Written

novels over written short stories over written poetry

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John Wilkes Booth Today

mustn’t permit deed of john wilkes booth to stand instead remove from that time and place and raise today in theatrical family thriving in manhattan and nod when hollywood beckons splendid booth becomes movie star in his early twenties making millions while drinks snorts and occasionally crashes cars but fires only slurred words To see […]

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Egyptian Generals Suppress Opponents

to protect freedom won in revolution we egyptian generals must stop foreign backed enemies demanding democracy settle down or fall into mubarak’s courtroom bed

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New Employee

new employee pulls my eyes hardens hers couple months later feel gentler look up say wait aren’t you

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State of the Union

This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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Interview with Robert F. Kennedy

gtc – could you as promised have really gotten u.s. out of vietnam rfk – certainly at least couple months before richard nixon did gtc – how would world be different if you’d been president rfk – based on my real accomplishments and everything that’s happened since would be about same gtc – would anything […]

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Invitation to Brave Tweeters

brave men tweeting san francisco forty niner kyle williams should die should jump from golden gate should catch bullet should blow up in car because twice fumbled football are invited to next tweet at team headquarters Source: SFGate.com on January 23, 2012

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Updates for John F. Kennedy

mister president sorry to tell you bobby assassinated in ‘sixty eight right after winning california primary jackie fled to marry aristotle onassis died of cancer age sixty four john john dashing and popular but crashed plane age thirty eight caroline fine but says you know a lot

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Chevron Tests Aftereffects of Oil Wells in Ecuador

chevron swears did not contaminate land and water in amazonian northeast ecuador then have drink say plaintiffs chevron says not thirsty but water fine watch this throws rock does not sink Source: “Reversal of Fortune” by Patrick Radden Keefe in The New Yorker January 9, 2012

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Crime Scene

man handcuffed chest down on floor head other side of room

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Trust Newt Gingrich

trust newt gingrich god and south carolina have forgiven him

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Korean Wail

tried to cry for kim jong il but could not my brother cried loudly but without dramatic skill now we rehearse in jail

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Remembering Mass Murder in San Fernando, Mexico

There hasn’t been much new news in search engines about the discovery one year ago of a hundred seventy-seven corpses near San Fernando, Mexico. Occasional reports merely reminded that just eighty miles south of Brownsville, Texas, Mexican authorities ignored a mountain of unclaimed luggage in a bus depot before finally digging holes and discovering mummified […]

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at party naked couple hugs painting each other

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Orange Ladies

two mouths pout under hats above dresses sexy or mean better assume mean and sexy

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Amiri Baraka Clears Mind

decades ago when poet amiri baraka’s surname jones rebuked for obscenity by langston hughes in essay “that boy leroi” boy now almost eighty on stage with fiftyish daughter at hammer museum and can’t remember abstract impressionist painter who dripped jackson pollock she said and the mexican muralist my man diego rivera she said baraka generally […]

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Bashar al-Assad Gets Tougher

i am not dork or mass murderer i’m president for life of syria and prepared to strike with iron fist those foreign terrorists who’ve been agitating my people this i decreed during fiery two hour speech forcing everyone to understand my father and i’ve ruled syria forty years lot less than forever they’ll have to […]

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Middle of River – Part 2

(This vertical prose has been rewritten in horizontally and posted on July 24, 2012.) stay out of american river kids in neighborhood often told there’s undertow you can’t see branches either here read today’s newspaper another boy’s drowned still couldn’t stay out of water nor could other kids swimming whenever wanted never meeting danger until […]

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Roll Pretty River

where did he go in wonder what happened couldn’t he swim two days under you saw them bring him out what’d he look like that had to be tough

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Champions of Sleep

This story is in the collection “Basketball and Football”

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Concerned Citizen

eli constantly rails online denouncing greedy bemoaning hungry as shoves more food into belly

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Baby Food

mother grabs baby food jar on counter empties food rinses inside top back on knifes two holes then puts torn match book cover around hollow pen shaft shoving in smaller hole burns and cuts copper scrubber into other hole ready for rock soon ablaze

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Terrorist in Miami

Those who perished in Twin Towers are confused U.S. government self-proclaimed bastion of anti-terrorism daily strokes enduring terrorist Luis Posades Carriles who in seventies blew Cuban airliner from sky killing everyone and then continued bombing and murdering when not selling cocaine and now says sleeps like baby in Miami where paints landscapes for admirers who […]

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Late Night Howl

damn neighborhoods without streetlights make me get lost and run right over darting dogs can’t stop in dark since howls unsettling and owners might do something

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Dog with Gun

puppy king of yard happy growing fast father moves in usually eats some of son’s food and won’t let have any unless owner monitors pup gets skinny starts cowering and stops only when predeceases father if pup had gun things could’ve been different

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Dinosaur Dogs

thrilled to see two dinosaurs size of dogs and ask owner their age says seven they can barely get up and walk soon won’t be able to at all and will have to put down just like you someday

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Canine Insight

ann swears dog knows her moods prances when happy cringes when not and whines when boyfriend visits

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TV Discipline

andy disgusted by cable fanatics mesmerized by two hundred insipid channels and lives fine on basic package except when some sports require big cable options then calls fanatics who’re busy and refer to sports bars

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TV Terror

big flat screen best tv ever owned but lacked size and high def most friends had couldn’t stand at big electronics store got even but week later wanted more and made switch smoking credit card and trapping home weekends

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Drink Vacation

had too much last night or wouldn’t have left underwear stacked in motel rushing to early mexico city flight * * * proud had attracted beautiful senorita in loud bar but regretted smile disappeared shortly before she did

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Awaiting First Lady of Syria

wife bashar al-assad often denounces israel when will she denounce husband

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Nice Meeting You

hi bill young man said hello replied older have we met not really how’d you know name remember mom who here’s picture with you haven’t seen in twenty years and nine months

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Madonna Interlude

aficionado excited madonna appeared unintroduced lassoed neck with skinny muscular arm unzipped pants pulled off slid out dress hopped on surprising but not disappointing when realized was another blonde

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Trickle Down

This story appears in the collection “In Other Hands”

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Dear Leader Vladimir Putin

i look like sinister kgb chief yet charm russians as masculine action man judo throwing men over my hip horseback riding bare chest muscles bright in sun hunting and fishing russians know my leadership saved from chaos following biggest geopolitical disaster twentieth century crumbling soviet union i established order led economic boom and denounced united […]

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Sherlock Holmes Needs Straightjacket

new sherlock holmes movie maniacal high tech farce detective robert downey relentlessly overbearing bakersfield patrons quite pleased

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Strange Custom

strange custom tolerates crude women squatting behind gender

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Nightmare Returns

many years vowed never would again but defiled mouth and head convinced really had awakened

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Christmas Food

thirty years merry company christmas parties no one damaged evident act of god no longer assured worries new boss banning festivities since every year food sickens millions hospitalizes thousands kills hundreds

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