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My Second COVID Vaccination

Yesterday I had my second COVID vaccination and, though my left shoulder is a little sore and I can’t sleep on it yet, I’m delighted to be moving into a stage that theoretically makes me much less vulnerable to the dangers of the coronavirus. It’s time to keep pumping in those injections and get at […]

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Kyle Guy Guards the Social Media

When the Kings drafted Kyle Guy I looked at stats and his bio and learned in high school he’d been Mr. Basketball in hoops-crazed Indiana. I also noticed several videos of Guy and a young woman. I clicked one called: “Reading Kyle Guy’s Hate Mail” filmed in early 2019. He and fiancée Alexa Jenkins munched […]

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Ronda Rousey Returns to Earth

I haven’t been a regular fan of boxing or mixed martial arts for a long time. As a kid and young adult and even into early middle age I used to growl and cheer like millions of other bloodthirsty souls who enjoyed watching people destroy each other. Disappointingly, I don’t recall questioning this behavior. At […]

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Bon Qui Qui at King Burger

I must’ve been beset by Baby Boomer inertia as I read about young comedian Anjelah Johnson coming to Bakersfield in a couple of days. She’s cute, I thought, and her act is probably funny and it’s cool she used to be a Raider cheerleader, but that was all until two hours before the show on […]

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