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Tyson-Holyfield III

Everywhere I go people are talking about Mike Tyson looking so fast and strong in a five-second video as he pounds a trainer’s mitts that don’t hit back. I watch a few times to make sure I understand everything he’s doing – boom, boom, boom, firing left right left upstairs, then two hard left hooks […]

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Podcast – George Thomas Clark is Interviewed about Jerry Quarry

George Thomas Clark is interviewed by Warren Rogan about the talented but tragic heavyweight contender Jerry Quarry, who lost to Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, and Ken Norton but defeated Earnie Shavers, Floyd Patterson, and Ron Lyle. Click Here for Podcast

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Bobby Quarry in the Bookstore

I feel good this morning after putting on my burgundy workout clothes and running a few miles, like when I was a pro, and now I’m going to be interviewed by George Thomas Clark who wrote “Jerry Quarry from Boxer’s Heaven,” an article I enjoyed about my late brother, the top ranked heavyweight contender years […]

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Calling Gennady Golovkin

I wait several days after the fight before calling Gennady Golovkin. “This is Tom, Gennady, how you doin’?” “Great, no problems.” “You sure?” “I’m rich guy strolling along beautiful beach with my family.” “That’s exactly why you should retire now.” Silence envelops the phone. “Gennady?” “You’re crazy,” he says. “You’ll never receive better advice.” “I […]

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Mayweather Meets McGregor

After more than a half century of watching legendary champions fight each other, and reading about the fistic exploits of ancient titleholders, I, the average wimpy fan, am disturbed that Conor McGregor, a guy with no professional boxing experience, nary a fight, is going to potentially earn a hundred million to debut against one of […]

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Mayweather Writes to McGregor

Dear Conor, I’m quite comfortable writing you this letter because I know it’ll intimidate you and at the same time offer a generous warning about what’s going to happen when we enter the boxing ring in three weeks and all our insipid promotional talk won’t matter. You aren’t going to make this boy dance and […]

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Clark Interviewed on Boxing Podcast about Teofilio Stevenson

Clark Interviewed on Podcast about Teofilio Stevenson – Click here to listen Warren Rogan interviews George Thomas Clark about great Cuban heavyweight boxer Teofilio Stevenson – a fascinating exchange.

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Stalin v. Hitler

Generally, I don’t interfere when humans fight as I feel they, the self-anointed greatest creatures on earth, should and must cooperate to prevent conflicts from starting or, once unleashed, summon all creativity and emotional self-control to quell hostilities. From 1914-1918 I in anguish observe vast armies slaughter almost twenty million people, maiming many more, and […]

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In Sonny’s House

Late on the second to last night of nineteen seventy, unsatisfactorily loaded on wine and wanting something stronger, I drive for the first time to the fine Las Vegas house of my dealer and knock. We usually hook up at the casinos on the strip or tough bars on the west side of town. I […]

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Don King v. Bob Arum

Last night, deserted by my wife and unwilling to be seen alone in a top Las Vegas nightclub, I shuffled into some dive a block or so off the Strip, sat at a small table in a dark corner, and ordered two dry martinis, one for each hand. An old man who should’ve been in […]

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Madonna v. Jennifer Lopez

Eager to impress fair Kayla, I jack up big green on the secondary market to acquire two VIP seats for Madonna’s concert at Madison Square Garden. I wear my best and only suit, and Kayla styles herself in a long sleek dress sophisticated New York fans will admire. “Look,” she whispers, slightly moving her head […]

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Richard Nixon v. John Dean

Summoned to the Oval Office, John Dean pauses at the door, and Richard Nixon says, “Come in and close it. “Have a seat, John.” “Thank you, Mr. President.” “I appreciate all your good work as White House counsel. And your confidential style.” “My duty, Sir.” “What you’re involved in is very risky.” “I’m more concerned […]

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Here’s Bobby Chacon – In Memoriam

(Boxing champion Bobby Chacon died today. This story first appeared in September 2015 and its republication today is the second of two tributes.) Lots of people think because I can’t talk much I don’t know what’s going on but let me tell you, I know plenty. On this beautiful Sunday we’re right down the street […]

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Ali v. Tyson

“Muhammad, you know how much I respect you, but I won the heavyweight championship at twenty,” says Mike Tyson. “You were still a beanpole at that age, and I’d have whipped you.” “I’m not gonna give you the edge even at twenty since you couldn’t have touched the young, dancing Ali. Anyway, let’s set the […]

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Ty Cobb v. John J. McGraw

I’m damn embarrassed. There stands John J. McGraw, once a star player and now the finest manager in baseball, and here I stand, several inches taller, behind the registration desk at an elegant hotel in Havana, hoping McGraw won’t recognize me. “Hey, didn’t you try out for my team about twenty years ago?” “Don’t recall,” […]

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Must Sell

I’m just the old night watchman, now called security guard, making sure no one steals or vandalizes the cars. I’m not against Joe. I’ve often seen him pushing his grocery cart by the lot very late, and sometimes we said hello, but he always kept going, until tonight when he stops and brings wire-cutters out […]

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Ali Drinks Klitschko Kool-Aid

I was the greatest and will be again. Don’t deny I can do it. I’m drinking Klitschko Kool-Aid secretly provided by Wladimir’s diabolical team of scientists who will only let me partake until I’m at my former peak, and no higher. That would be in 1967 when I was the prettiest and fastest heavyweight who […]

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The Ali Legacy

He told you in the sixties he wasn’t going to Vietnam to help the white man continue to oppress people of color around the world. You saw where that led. The United States killed a million people in Southeast Asia and maimed more than that and lost fifty-seven thousand American lives. For what? Martin Luther […]

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War of the Winemakers

Many times I’d flown to the heart of this great nation, to its vast and glorious and contaminated capital, Mexico City, but never had I driven just over the border into Baja California, and I might never have visited if my wife, a connoisseur par excellence, hadn’t told me, “Jack, please service the SUV. Next […]

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Ronda Rousey Returns to Earth

I haven’t been a regular fan of boxing or mixed martial arts for a long time. As a kid and young adult and even into early middle age I used to growl and cheer like millions of other bloodthirsty souls who enjoyed watching people destroy each other. Disappointingly, I don’t recall questioning this behavior. At […]

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Julius Caesar v. Benito Mussolini

This was a hard ticket to get and a good seat eventually cost the equivalent of ten million bucks but people would’ve paid more to sit in the remodeled Colosseum when Benito Mussolini and Julius Caesar finally got it on. Both leaders, egomaniacal to the core, tried to dictate details of time travel, fight purses, […]

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Freud and Wife Visit Picasso

In Paris Lucian and I again socialize with other glamorous and creative people, and most mornings he paints while I write, imagining myself a female Fitzgerald thirty years after Scott brought exotic but doomed Zelda to this marvelous city. Several Parisiennes tell me Lucian and I might be an even more dazzling couple. Within a […]

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Gore Vidal v. William F. Buckley

Many do not know that after World War II, while an undergraduate at Yale, William F. Buckley taught beginning Spanish at the university. As a child in Paris his primary languages had been Spanish and French and, though at age seven he finally began the academic study of English, he would soon spend much time […]

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Yaqui Lopez Remembers

Please trust that people often used to tell me, “You have the best memory of anyone I ever met.” I could, and often still can, recall details of events decades ago and usually enhance the anecdote by noting the month and year: I moved to California in July 1958, I got my first car in […]

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Pacquiao’s Super Surgery

Frankly, I’ve been besieged by Manny Pacquiao’s managers, trainers, and relatives who for personal and financial reasons want me to not only repair his injured shoulder but make it manifestly better. I told them Dr. Elpedio Marcos does not deal with intermediaries; have Manny call me. Last night, he did. “What’s the best you can […]

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Almost Missed Manny and Money

I realize most sports fans and other seekers of excitement planned to watch the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight at cool places like the MGM Grand Arena or packed sports bars or at least at big private parties enlivened by booze. My intention was far more mundane: I’d view the eternally-hyped showdown with my Philippine wife […]

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Mayweather v. Pacquiao Prediction

There is hope, among the angry majority of fans who want Manny Pacquiao to win, that he’ll somehow be quicker and stronger and more precise than ever and force heretofore unflappable Floyd Mayweather into a brawl and punish the bejeweled king they’ve long wanted to see dethroned. Don’t wager heavily on that sequence. Floyd is […]

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My Interview about Death in the Ring

“The Guy Who Reviews Sports Books,” Lance Smith, recently interviewed me online for his popular blog. We discussed my boxing book, “Death in the Ring,” and related subjects. Here’s a link to our electronic chat.

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Don’t Diss Pacquiao’s Hoops

For two decades Manny Pacquiao has excelled in a sport requiring mental and physical toughness, and when not punishing opponents in the ring he loves to relax playing basketball. He’s played the game all his life and does so fairly well. If no one’s near his five-six, short-armed frame, he can hit an unorthodox, two-handed […]

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Money Says Yes

You calling again. I know why. Sure I’ll answer the question. Ain’t Money always straight? Not about this? Bullshit. I’ve always said the guy’s on drugs and I value my health more than taking on cheaters who excite fans. Anyway, no one can complain now. I’m making the fight. It won’t be that tough. Manny […]

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Pacquiao Plans Another War

Several years ago Freddie Roach, in a radio interview I heard, said he hoped his star pupil Manny Pacquiao was only going to fight one or two more times because he wanted to make sure Manny never got hurt. Roach, a brain-damaged former fighter, has evidently revised the career blueprint to one or two fights […]

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Alexander Haig v. Team Reagan

I was only the second man of arms, after legendary General George C. Marshall, to serve as Secretary of State of the United States, and my expertise should have been appreciated. As a young officer I’d fought with distinction near the Yalu River as Chinese forces, undetected by General Douglas MacArthur and others who should […]

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Mayweather Invests in Himself

You might’ve been discouraged by eight to one odds favoring me to again beat Marcos Maidana but don’t worry, I’m going to teach you about prudent investing. Look at it this way. If you bet a thousand bucks on me you’ll earn about a hundred twenty. That’s twelve percent and damn good for a very-short-term […]

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Edgar Allan Poe v. Haruki Murakami

Without creative flexibility, I wouldn’t allow this bout in my jurisdiction. And who but a sadist could disagree? As a teenager Edgar Allan Poe sometimes swam and long jumped vigorously but for two decades alcohol, opium, and heaven knows what else have shredded his body and soul, and it’s certain the inherent chemicals in his […]

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Sarah Palin v. Michele Bachmann

I’m not a superrich Republican donor but am affluent and generous, and delighted conservative heavyweights consider me a worthy host of this fundraiser starring Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann who I sit between on the dais, turning left to Sarah and right to Michele back and forth talking to women who get prettier and more […]

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Mayor Klitschko’s Successes

I didn’t worry about ragged furniture in my office at Kiev City Hall. The city looked much worse as unemployment rose, wages fell, our till stood empty, protestors lived in tents a hundred meters from my office, and Russian troops mobilized on our eastern border. The big bears intended to convince all Ukrainians, and especially […]

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Jack Dempsey Returns

I was simultaneously flabbergasted and thrilled the recent morning Jack Dempsey, age twenty-four and just a week after tomahawking slow, long-inactive, and overconfident giant Jess Willard, marched into my gym and said, “I’m taking my career to the twenty-first century. You interested?” Only pride prevented me from dropping to my knees and thanking all deities. […]

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Woodward v. Bernstein

On orders from the White House I infiltrated the radical Washington Post newspaper in the early seventies, working as a reporter on what beat I still cannot disclose, having (I trust) much longer to live than Deep Throat nonagenarian Mark Felt did when he allowed his identity to be revealed. Using my incisive intellect, honed […]

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Dick Tiger Stands Up

It’s already 1971. Where do the years go? How are my wife and eight children in Biafra? All right, I suppose I can’t call my home Biafra anymore, not publicly. I want to go home to Nigeria. I’m forty-one and my boxing career’s over and my money’s gone and I’m a security guard at the […]

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I’m not going to degrade myself running against that lazy rich boy in the 1960 Democratic primaries. The nation will surely drop him once I enter the presidential race right before the convention. Americans understand the country needs a man like Lyndon Johnson, not some runt who was handed a silver spoon the day he […]

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Nobel Prize Knockout

That evening in Mexico City I witnessed a historical confrontation or, rather, a sucker punch in the dastardly vein of Pearl Harbor. At the time, as a callow young man teaching English in the exotic capital, I understood nothing of the significance of the event, and no one could have known – though some scholars […]

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Klitschko and Putin Battle over Airliner

“This is Mayor Vitali Klitschko of Kiev, calling for President Vladimir Putin,” I said. “Just a minute, sir.” One minute had become fifteen when the receptionist returned and said, “President Putin is in meetings and will not be able to take your call.” “Tomorrow, then.” “Sorry, no.” I hung up and arranged for a private […]

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Joe Frazier v. Jack Johnson

You’re kidding, right, taking me back to 1905 San Francisco to watch Jack Johnson, a peacock with a mouth big as Clay’s, fight some guy named Marvin Hart who’s got a fat ass. And you think Hart will be heavyweight champion in a year and that Johnson, whose abrasiveness and lawbreaking ruined opportunities for two […]

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Floyd Mayweather v. Ray Leonard

In the golden ballroom of a grand casino stands a ring in which I sit flanked by my two guests, Floyd Mayweather and Sugar Ray Leonard. They are here because they share my obsession: who would’ve won had they met at their respective peaks? George Thomas Clark – Floyd, you’re certainly one of the most […]

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Hillary Clinton v. Monica Lewinsky

I’m laughing when not growling about what Republicans, rather pathetically, are praying is true about me, that I’m fat and sickly and incapable of campaigning a week much less a year, and my book is selling poorly, and, most outrageously, that both the ghostly and earthly presence of Monica Lewinsky will preclude me from defeating […]

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Cruisin’ with Money

“Hi, this is Merle Edwards, here in Vegas for my interview with Floyd. What time should I come out to the house?” “Mr. Mayweather does not permit strange writers into any of his castles,” said a baritone-blessed woman. “He invited Robin Leach.” “Mr. Leach is synonymous with ‘champagne wishes and caviar dreams.’ You, sir, are […]

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Alexander Hamilton v. Aaron Burr

On the New Jersey side of the Hudson River, beneath majestic cliffs in the wooded Heights of Weehawken, I sprinted toward two men ten paces apart facing each other with pistols pointed as their seconds stood well to the side, backs to the duelists. “Throw down your guns, gentlemen,” I shouted. “Are you a runaway […]

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Brawling with Dwight Braxton

In July 1982 I was a part-time laborer who took improper medications and lived in north Sacramento, an old and wretched place for people who could do no better. I think those circumstances contributed to the rather bloodthirsty tone of this piece: My desire to watch Dwight Braxton ply his fists to an opponent’s flesh […]

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Theodore Roosevelt v. William H. Taft

In the White House of 1907 I was waiting for my friend Teddy Roosevelt when rotund Secretary of War William H. Taft huffed by. “Rather out of shape, aren’t you, old fellow,” I said. “I’m relatively trim at two-eighty-three, a good fifty less than you, I dare say.” “All right, when President Roosevelt arrives, I’ll […]

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Matthew Saad Muhammad Goes Home

Where you going big brother? Please don’t run so fast. I’m only five and can’t catch you and mommy’s dead and our aunt only wants you, I guess, and now I’m alone and it’s getting dark and cold and I’m scared someone’s going to get me I hope this policeman will help. I think he […]

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Sophia Loren v. Jayne Mansfield

By delightful coincidence I was dining in elegant Romanoff’s restaurant in Beverly Hills that 1957 night when young and ravishing Sophia Loren entered, accompanied by several movie executives who, once seated, gazed across satin tablecloth and widened omnipresent smiles, laughing at her every utterance. I understand their behavior for I was equally captivated by the […]

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Return of The King

I’m back and know you’ve missed me as much as I’ve missed having you listen to me. I may be the world’s most splendid talker. In public I spellbind, in groups I entertain, and one on one I scare hell out of people. There’s nothing bad in that. That’s life, and a damn good one. […]

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Ali Drinks Klitschko Kool-Aid

I was the greatest and will be again. Don’t deny I can do it. I’m drinking Klitschko Kool-Aid secretly provided by Wladimir’s diabolical team of scientists who will only let me partake until I’m at my former peak, and no higher. That would be in 1967 when I was the prettiest and fastest heavyweight who […]

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The Final Round

I’m sick of being poor and living in a slum. I’m tired of being hungry. I want a nice house and car and good clothes and someday I want a family. I’m not going to get those things through school in Indonesia. There are too many students and I don’t like school much, anyway, and […]

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Emails from Mayweather and Maidana

Late last night Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana exchanged the following emails forwarded to me by confidential sources in each camp. From: Marcos Subject: Punishing Mayweather I know what you think and don’t care because it doesn’t matter I lost every round my first fight as a welterweight, against Devon Alexander, about two years ago. […]

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Floyd Mayweather in Hot Tub

“Ladies, it’s a whole lot better being in this fancy hot tub in my Las Vegas mansion than in a sweaty arena, isn’t it?” “Yeees,” gushed all but one. “You should be there,” said a lovely young woman. “You need to prepare to fight the winner, who’s going to be Manny Pacquiao.” “Who’re you?” “I’m […]

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Viva Madiba

I like Mort Zuckerman’s one-word characterization of Mandela last night on PBS: Incandescent. Viva Madiba

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Chiseled Boxer

boxer chisels body to prepare brain for slaughter

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