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That’s My Dog

They didn’t have to say it but often did: Herb, you’re awfully lonely here; why don’t you get a dog? He knew what they meant. They might as well have said, Herb, you’re chubby and balding and rather shy; we don’t think you can keep a woman. Herb agreed. That was the rough part. He […]

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Butch didn’t like wife’s nervous little dog which looked like scrawny rat. Damn dog always barked at him then ran under beds and tables, cowering and quaking. He’d tried to be nice but Chihuahua bit friendly fingers. That did it. Every time saw dog Butch growled and kicked tail as scampered. Wife rebuked but she […]

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Evening Stroll

Jeff loved to walk. Every morning before work and Saturday and Sunday afternoons he walked neighborhood streets where golf course spread around houses and kit foxes chased ducks then ate eggs. Sometimes Jeff changed routes but some streets were too pretty to exclude. He wasn’t going to avoid front yard often hot with pit bull. […]

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Late Night Howl

damn neighborhoods without streetlights make me get lost and run right over darting dogs can’t stop in dark since howls unsettling and owners might do something

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Dog with Gun

puppy king of yard happy growing fast father moves in usually eats some of son’s food and won’t let have any unless owner monitors pup gets skinny starts cowering and stops only when predeceases father if pup had gun things could’ve been different

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Dinosaur Dogs

thrilled to see two dinosaurs size of dogs and ask owner their age says seven they can barely get up and walk soon won’t be able to at all and will have to put down just like you someday

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Canine Insight

ann swears dog knows her moods prances when happy cringes when not and whines when boyfriend visits

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From Tennessee to California

In the summer of 1978 I lived in a small old room at the rear of a dreary house in north Sacramento, one of the worst parts of the Golden State’s capital city. Fortunately, I didn’t know I’d have to stay there several more years until a modest inheritance temporarily rescued me, and was delighted […]

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