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Escape from Bondage

This is the first story of In Other Hands: Revised Edition, a collection of literary nonfiction about sex trafficking, prostitution, poverty, and homelessness. I was born in Ridgecrest, out in the desert two hours from Bakersfield. There’s a lot of meth there and not much to do. My mom smoked and snorted it and was […]

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In Other Hands: Revised Edition – On Sale

IN OTHER HANDS: REVISED EDITION – eBooks on Sale – $0.99 Riveting stories about victims of human trafficking, prostitution, poverty, and homelessness. Amazon.com Barnes & Noble, Apple iTunes, Kobo Books, and wherever books are sold

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Bay Area Delights

Don’t you love the Bay Area? It’s the greatest megalopolis on earth, featuring the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay and wooded hills surrounding blue water and boats and ominous Alcatraz and the Golden Gate and Bay Bridge, and there are all the major league sports and concerts and countless museums and parks and universities […]

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Must Sell

I’m just the old night watchman, now called security guard, making sure no one steals or vandalizes the cars. I’m not against Joe. I’ve often seen him pushing his grocery cart by the lot very late, and sometimes we said hello, but he always kept going, until tonight when he stops and brings wire-cutters out […]

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The Ragpicker

“Sir, I’ve admired you for years,” I tell The Ragpicker. “People in Paris saw a man carrying a long stick, and usually crossed the street.” “They’re forgotten. You’re a masterpiece visited by thousands a week in the Norton Simon Museum.” “They also see a bum.” “It’s your suffering people appreciate when they gaze at your […]

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Betty Finch Transforms Gourds into Sculptures

I’ve long been collecting art with enthusiasm many call obsessive but confess to being indifferent when notified by postcard last month that the Bakersfield Museum of Art would be featuring an exhibition of gourd sculptures by retired police officer Betty Finch. What the hell is a gourd? I’d heard of people drinking from them but […]

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