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Norman Mailer v. Rip Torn

I like Norman. I mean, he’s okay. He’s bright and writes well. Sometimes he’s even great. As a writer. But why does he think he’s a filmmaker? And why do I sign on to make his picture called Maidstone? I may be as messed up as Norman but I’m an experienced professional actor and know […]

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The Estate of Charles Manson

Issues of confidentiality, centering on the amount of the bribe and who received it, prevent me from revealing how I get into the Bakersfield morgue and in front of a long metallic drawer containing Charles Manson whom I pull out and address, “I know you’ve got a right to privacy, but I have some important […]

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Manson Confesses

glad i checked out or these days my girls coulda accused me of some wild shit

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Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme Released from Prison

My father never touched me.  Those who say he did are trying to make my allegiance to Charlie Manson seem like the illness of a victim.  I was no more a victim than are all human prisoners of money and the work that poisons our air and water.  My father, with his cruel words and […]

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Eyewitness Account 1975: Lynette Fromme Tries to Assassinate President Ford

I witnessed the following incident on September 5, 1975, and this article  appeared four days later in the student newspaper at California State University, Sacramento.  A few revisions have been made. SACRAMENTO – Blinds were drawn over the windows on the east side of the hotel, keeping out the glare of the mid-morning sun.  Some […]

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