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Calling Gennady Golovkin

I wait several days after the fight before calling Gennady Golovkin. “This is Tom, Gennady, how you doin’?” “Great, no problems.” “You sure?” “I’m rich guy strolling along beautiful beach with my family.” “That’s exactly why you should retire now.” Silence envelops the phone. “Gennady?” “You’re crazy,” he says. “You’ll never receive better advice.” “I […]

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Mayweather Meets McGregor

After more than a half century of watching legendary champions fight each other, and reading about the fistic exploits of ancient titleholders, I, the average wimpy fan, am disturbed that Conor McGregor, a guy with no professional boxing experience, nary a fight, is going to potentially earn a hundred million to debut against one of […]

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Mayweather Writes to McGregor

Dear Conor, I’m quite comfortable writing you this letter because I know it’ll intimidate you and at the same time offer a generous warning about what’s going to happen when we enter the boxing ring in three weeks and all our insipid promotional talk won’t matter. You aren’t going to make this boy dance and […]

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Pacquiao’s Super Surgery

Frankly, I’ve been besieged by Manny Pacquiao’s managers, trainers, and relatives who for personal and financial reasons want me to not only repair his injured shoulder but make it manifestly better. I told them Dr. Elpedio Marcos does not deal with intermediaries; have Manny call me. Last night, he did. “What’s the best you can […]

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Almost Missed Manny and Money

I realize most sports fans and other seekers of excitement planned to watch the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight at cool places like the MGM Grand Arena or packed sports bars or at least at big private parties enlivened by booze. My intention was far more mundane: I’d view the eternally-hyped showdown with my Philippine wife […]

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Mayweather v. Pacquiao Prediction

There is hope, among the angry majority of fans who want Manny Pacquiao to win, that he’ll somehow be quicker and stronger and more precise than ever and force heretofore unflappable Floyd Mayweather into a brawl and punish the bejeweled king they’ve long wanted to see dethroned. Don’t wager heavily on that sequence. Floyd is […]

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Don’t Diss Pacquiao’s Hoops

For two decades Manny Pacquiao has excelled in a sport requiring mental and physical toughness, and when not punishing opponents in the ring he loves to relax playing basketball. He’s played the game all his life and does so fairly well. If no one’s near his five-six, short-armed frame, he can hit an unorthodox, two-handed […]

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Money Says Yes

You calling again. I know why. Sure I’ll answer the question. Ain’t Money always straight? Not about this? Bullshit. I’ve always said the guy’s on drugs and I value my health more than taking on cheaters who excite fans. Anyway, no one can complain now. I’m making the fight. It won’t be that tough. Manny […]

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Mayweather Invests in Himself

You might’ve been discouraged by eight to one odds favoring me to again beat Marcos Maidana but don’t worry, I’m going to teach you about prudent investing. Look at it this way. If you bet a thousand bucks on me you’ll earn about a hundred twenty. That’s twelve percent and damn good for a very-short-term […]

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Floyd Mayweather v. Ray Leonard

In the golden ballroom of a grand casino stands a ring in which I sit flanked by my two guests, Floyd Mayweather and Sugar Ray Leonard. They are here because they share my obsession: who would’ve won had they met at their respective peaks? George Thomas Clark – Floyd, you’re certainly one of the most […]

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Cruisin’ with Money

“Hi, this is Merle Edwards, here in Vegas for my interview with Floyd. What time should I come out to the house?” “Mr. Mayweather does not permit strange writers into any of his castles,” said a baritone-blessed woman. “He invited Robin Leach.” “Mr. Leach is synonymous with ‘champagne wishes and caviar dreams.’ You, sir, are […]

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Emails from Mayweather and Maidana

Late last night Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana exchanged the following emails forwarded to me by confidential sources in each camp. From: Marcos Subject: Punishing Mayweather I know what you think and don’t care because it doesn’t matter I lost every round my first fight as a welterweight, against Devon Alexander, about two years ago. […]

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Floyd Mayweather in Hot Tub

“Ladies, it’s a whole lot better being in this fancy hot tub in my Las Vegas mansion than in a sweaty arena, isn’t it?” “Yeees,” gushed all but one. “You should be there,” said a lovely young woman. “You need to prepare to fight the winner, who’s going to be Manny Pacquiao.” “Who’re you?” “I’m […]

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