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Honduran Heat Revisited

Honduran money’s in few hands closed to rusty prison where every cell’s sealed and sole set of keys dropped by guard fleeing fire. Outside, guards blocked firefighters and shot at few prisoners not trapped in cells. Most screamed as fried or suffocated but quit carrying on when charred in stacks totaling three hundred fifty-five stinking […]

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Free Arpaio

ignoring families who roasted in desert tents on arizona border trump says you’re pardoned sheriff joe

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Undercover Trump

Make me a mature Mexican rock star, I tell my makeup lady, hang some long cool black hair on my head and pin a big mustache on my face. I need to blend with families and friends of those being naturalized as U.S. citizens this morning in Fresno. There’s already a big crowd in the […]

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Indentured Servants

This story appears in the collection “In Other Hands”

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Winton, Not Winston, in Quito

A travel newsletter I subscribed to occasionally offered stories by a guy named Winton Churchill. Oh, a wise guy, I concluded. Despite groaning about his humor, and perhaps his stability, I did conclude Churchill knew plenty about computers. He’d worked for Apple, knew Steve Jobs, toiled for other Silicon Valley concerns, some of which flamed […]

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Iron Women

iron curtain lifted and shoved into bones of women looking west

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State of the Union

This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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This story appears in the collection “In Other Hands”

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Church Service – Part 2

This story is now in the collection “Tales of Romance”

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Impressions of Madrid

Would I ever want to live in Madrid? I didn’t know. I hadn’t been there so before going prepared vigorously, studying maps and scouring cyberspace and printing out stacks of material that bulged from three folders. In Madrid I annotated my reference material and encouraged local citizens to also do so. I jumped into dozens […]

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The Titanic Speaks

I need to get to sea and soon will. After two years of construction, a hundred thousand people are watching in dry dock on May 31, 1911 as hydraulic triggers release me onto a path greased with 22 tons of tallow and soap that let me glide into the River Lagan. Now my staterooms and […]

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Immigration Reform – Debate II – George Thomas Clark v. D.A. King

In April my online debate about immigration with D.A. King, founder of The American Resistance, attracted many readers, a stack of letters, and interest from other online publications.  Now Mr. King and I are going to discuss the border security and immigration reform legislation proposed by, among others, Senator John McCain and Senator Edward Kennedy.  I support this legislation.  […]

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Opponents of Immigration Hurl Letters and Insults

Who are the angriest people in the United States?  Are they the supporters or opponents of war in Iraq, neocons or neoliberals, the devout or the secular, disrespected homemakers or overworked career mothers?  No is the answer to each of the aforementioned inquiries.  The most outraged people in the land are those actively opposing illegal […]

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George Thomas Clark Debates D.A. King about Immigration

This is my recent online exchange with D.A. King, founder of The American Resistance Foundation, a national coalition of citizens actively opposed to illegal immigration.  Mr. King spends lots of his own money as he travels and speaks and takes part in rallies and debates all comers. George Thomas Clark – Don’t you think the Bush administration, […]

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