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Amazon Review
Grady Harp
Oh to be a fly on the wall….

May 6, 2015

Controversial George Thomas Clark usually challenges our sense of perception about politics and historical figures as well as contemporary ones – Death in the Ring, The Bold Investor, Hitler Here, Obama on Edge, and Echoes from Saddam Hussein. He currently teaches English as a Second Language for adults in California, and has been a material handler, salesman, newspaper correspondent, and the publisher of a monthly tabloid of features and columns. In this current book he gives his capacious imagination full range and enters the minds of artists both dead and living and allows us to hear their perceptions of not only their work but also that of their compatriots and the history of art and styles of that time in which they lived.

How he came up with this idea is a puzzle: he obviously is an art lover and a knowledgeable art historian, but he also displays insights into the minds of creative people based as much on the paintings he sees as on his rather deep knowledge of their lives.

The results: a series of short stories, each about a particular figure who may or may not introduce the other people in their life cast, and the conversations are lively, funny, touching, and perceptive. From Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, Picasso, van Gogh, to Paula Modersohn-Becker, Séraphine Louis, Lee Krasner, Diane Arbus, and on to Ernst Ludwig Kirschner, Otto Dix, Charles White, William H. Johnson, Renoir, Thiebaud, Norman Rockwell, Thomas Eakins (my favorite – because it so blatantly excludes the artist’s proclivity for young men!) and others.

This is a course in art history, the psychology of the artistic temperament, and a parody of sorts. George Thomas Clarke simply writes VERY well.

Amazon Review
Peter Wood
Painters Exposed As Never Before!

April 8, 2015

Who is your favorite artist–Picasso? Vincent Van Gogh? Jackson Pollock? Frida? Gauguin? Author George Thomas Clark dares to do the impossible–trespass into the minds of these great painters, (and many more), to create verbal self-portraits, musings, introspections and imaginary dialogue.Clark ignites the reader’s imagination with his unique literary ploy. Particularly of interest to this reviewer were chapters devoted to the primitive artist, Mickey Walker, a former boxing champion; the brilliant mind of Norman Rockwell, the ingenuity of Pollock, and the current work of Wayne Thiebaud. Thank you for a wonderful book!

Goodreads Review

April 10, 2015

This is an off the wall type of book. Whimsical, corny, weird, funny, well, you name it it’s all there in this book about Artists/painters talking to each other, oh, did I say they are dead too? The book also includes current celebrities and Obama as well. AND no they are not all dead.

I particularly enjoyed reading about Thomas Kinkade the painter. That’s just me I guess.
Last but not least —- you don’t want to take this book too seriously – it could get your mind out of sorts – it’s fiction and one heck of a read.

Amazon Review
A must-read!

May 31, 2015

Amazing! Worth all 5 stars!