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Basketball and Football Reviews

Sports Book Guy Review
Lance Smith

January 20, 2018

With one of the simplest titles for a sports book, “Basketball and Football” by George Thomas Clark is a very entertaining collection of essays and short stories about those two sports. Some of the stories are completely fictional, some are satire based on real football and basketball people or events and some even read like a newspaper account.

Something that was different about this collection was that there wasn’t a single story that I did not like. Of course, some were better reads or far more entertaining than others, but unlike other collections of stories or essays, this one did not have a single clunker in the mix. Each one showcased the author’s writing talent, which is plentiful and beautiful to read.

Stories that are about the same person in the sport are grouped into a chapter and that chapter is titled with the name of the subject. I thought these were the very best passages of the book as the humor and satire of these first person narratives were very entertaining and yet very true at the same time. My favorites of these were the essays on LeBron James in basketball and former coach Bill Walsh in the football section. A close second on the football side was the chapter on O.J. Simpson – which of course talks about not only his football career but also his notoriety later on in life for his famous murder trial.

Fans of these two sports will want to pick up a copy of this very entertaining book that is not only fun to read, it is one that once a reader stops, he or she will be done fairly quickly as it is a page turner that is hard to put down.

I wish to thank Mr. Clark for providing a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads Review
Charlie Halter

September 10, 2017

The author, George Thomas Clark, says it best about his book: “This book is a stimulating read.”

Do you know Donald and Reggie Rogers, football athletes some 30-35 years ago? How about Boise State and their heyday that, in my opinion, took the NCAA football to a whole new level of excitement.

Ahhh, yes Wilt Chamberlain, the stories about him. Like interesting short stories on basketball and football? Current events? Old stories that you didn’t know that happened?

The author pits dead athletes and coaches talking to the living athletes and coaches. He does it in such a way that you believe it actually happened. Ahh, maybe it did. Mmmm.

This book is full of this kind of stuff. Easy to read and will make you want to scratch your head thinking —– What?

No question this is a 5 rating.