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Saudis Defend Refugee PoliciesFacebooktwitterlinkedinmail

We in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are most chagrined by quite ignorant insults about our unwillingness to accept refugees from imploding Syria. It’s unconscionable, say arrogant Westerners, that the Saudis can’t welcome some of their Arab brothers and sisters who’ve been displaced by an enduring civil war; these refugees share the same language and religion and many other customs; the Saudis have untold billions in oil dollars and a hundred thousand air conditioned and fireproof tents ready to house those in need.

What foolish statements. Do you not realize we already have about nine million foreigners living in our nation, more than thirty percent of our total of twenty-eight million, and that perhaps a half million of these are Syrians? Should we really be expected to absorb more aliens? Let’s see: thirty percent of the United States’ population would be more than ninety million. Do the great Americans really want that many foreigners? They currently have about forty-five million, a commendable total but one that horrifies many in that powerful land which until recently had accepted nary a Syrian refugee and will now embrace but fifteen hundred.

We’ve contributed a billion dollars to help fleeing Syrians find new homes far from our kingdom which would’ve been disrupted by traumatized refugees who failed to understand our rules. We’re even offering to build two hundred mosques in Germany. That’s a small reward for accepting eight hundred thousand troublesome people.

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