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Drought is God’s PunishmentFacebooktwitterlinkedinmail

Until last week I thought the drought that’s squeezing California resulted from natural weather fluctuations, and didn’t want to be political or presume to have scientific insight so rarely mentioned climate change and then only as a relatively minor factor. I should’ve known there was a much simpler yet more ominous explanation, and Shannon Grove provided that while addressing a pro-life group in Sacramento, which probably seems like a bastion of liberalism to Grove, a Republican assemblywoman from righteous Bakersfield where, admittedly, I reside. Blessed to live in Kern County, she may indeed consider all non-conservative areas of the Golden State to be on the immoral path to Sodom-and-Gomorrah-like doom. But she is giving liberals a chance. In her sermon, she warned that God is punishing California for legally allowing abortions within it borders. The Almighty has evidently been cutting off the water to make unrighteous citizens feel the pain.

I haven’t visited my hometown Sacramento for a couple of years so, sadly, could not attend the Shannon Grove show. I’m instead relying on an article in the Bakersfield Californian, which sometimes offers unholy reports. The newspaper noted Assemblywoman Grove said the grievous drought that had beset Texas only relented when Governor Rick Perry banned late term abortions, prompting God to let it rain that very night. Incidentally, I dislike late term abortions, and Perry, a potential president of the nation, may have made a good decision. Perhaps God told him there’d be a wet reward for good legislation.

Nonbelievers better beware because, as Grove said, “Now God has His hold on California.” In a statement responding to journalistic inquiries, she added, “Most Americans believe God’s hand is in the affairs of man,” and there are divine consequences because liberal politicians have so long mismanaged water resources and failed to build water storage facilities.

Assemblywoman Shannon Grove should personally discuss water distribution with God, who may be obliged to apologize. Despite the citizens of Bakersfield forever supporting abortion bans and wars and (Christian) church on Sundays, an apparently-ungrateful God decided to make Bakersfield the driest city in the state and emphasized His decision by removing water from the Kern River where it runs through town in a hellish and dusty riverbed. May Shannon Grove deliver her next sermon from that very place.

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