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The first review of “Paint it Blue” has just been posted on Amazon.com, and I’m honored that painter and writer Peter Wood gave the book five stars. Here is the review:

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5.0 out of 5 stars — Painters Exposed As Never Before! April 8, 2015

By Peter Wood
Format: Paperback

Who is your favorite artist–Picasso? Vincent Van Gogh? Jackson Pollock? Frida? Gauguin? Author George Thomas Clark dares to do the impossible–trespass into the minds of these great painters, (and many more), to create verbal self-portraits, musings, introspections and imaginary dialogue.Clark ignites the reader’s imagination with his unique literary ploy. Particularly of interest to this reviewer were chapters devoted to the primitive artist, Mickey Walker, a former boxing champion; the brilliant mind of Norman Rockwell, the ingenuity of Pollock, and the current work of Wayne Thiebaud. Thank you for a wonderful book!

Paint it Blue

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