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Putin Grieves for OdessaFacebooktwitterlinkedinmail

Quit denouncing Russia and listen to those more knowledgeable who explain the corrupt regime in Ukraine criminally seized power. Understand that I will not much longer permit atrocities against my people. Accept that I have sufficient troops ready to protect the innocent. Admit you can’t stop me. Ask yourself why you would want to. Note that Friday May second both sides bullied each other in some streets of Odessa, and that each sustained several casualties. Concede there should have been no more violence. Denounce the imperialists who that night attacked an encampment of patriots, shooting at and clubbing them and forcing them into the Trade Unions House where aggressors ignored honest negotiations and instead applied fire scorching and suffocating those inside, honest people who knew this land is historically part of the Russian Empire and that Odessa is a Russian city. Remember the words of a professor who said the filthy Ukrainian flag atop this charnel house is the perfect metaphor for this regime. Tell me what any American president would do if United States citizens were slaughtered in Canada or Mexico. Acknowledge, therefore, what I must do. Stop blaming me for developments I cannot prevent. Quit pretending sanctions will ever be relevant. Convince your proxies in Kiev to respect the rule of law. Do so rapidly before my enraged troops move into eastern Ukraine and perhaps beyond.

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