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Last night as aroused husband attempted to mount I closed legs and said, “Give me the keys. I’ve places to go in the morning.”

“I’ll take you.”

“You’ll be at work.”

“My brother’ll drive.”

“He’ll be late if he comes at all. Give me the keys.”

“You can’t drive. It’s contrary to Saudi law and custom and an affront to me.”

He attempted to pry open legs, using one hand then two but I had ankles locked, and that may have sufficed but with strong left hand I grabbed scrotum and squeezed. He howled like wolf and curled into fetal position. I bounded to dresser, brandishing keys to second vehicle, new SUV.

When he could talk, but not move, he said, “Pay attention to our religious scholars. This plot to let women drive is a conspiracy against the kingdom. Trust the clerics. You’ll ruin ovaries if you drive.”

“Doubt that. Your balls have always worked, till tonight.”

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