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I hope you’ve been reading about the typical white racist attempt to just about lynch those ten black juveniles, including nine girls, falsely accused of stomping three young white women outside a haunted house last Halloween night in Long Beach, California.  When they were surrounded by a group of taunting, crotch-grabbing African Americans, the white women naturally started a fight.  That’s what I said.  And you can read it in a few white newspapers which really didn’t want to cover this case at all.  They felt that immediately giving it a lot of attention would’ve brought charges of racism.  I sure would’ve agreed.  I make my ideological living calling whites racist.

Those three young white women were certainly insensitive, and didn’t understand it wasn’t what they thought when they were called “white bitches.”  Where I come from, that language is okay and does not indicate hate.  I guess the bitches also took offense when they were smacked in the faces with a skateboard and surrounded and punched and kicked on the ground.  One woman was complaining because she got her face broken in twelve places and had several teeth chipped and lost partial sight in one eye.  She certainly was in no condition to identify anyone.  I’m a righteous man and will concede someone must’ve beaten those women but not the kids on trial.

They’re all solid middle class kids who shouldn’t have been brought into court in shackles.  That’s racist.  And most certainly they shouldn’t have been charged with hate crimes.  Because of slavery, blacks should never be accused of unjustified hate.  And, of course, blacks are incapable of racism.  When blacks behave in a racist way, as they often do in inner cities, we have to either call it something else or blame the behavior on our tragic history.  Above all, we must not be held responsible.  We won’t tolerate responsibility.  We have no time for it.  We’re too busy cherishing our everlasting victim-hood.

Blacks who feel differently better watch out.  The eighteen-year old bitch who tried to help the white troublemakers and testified in court got her car smashed by gang members, those bullet-spraying, drug-dealing freedom fighters who do our ‘hoods so proud.  Some other potential witnesses got the message.  Violent racism is okay as long as it’s perpetrated by blacks.  Therefore, only we can be victims of racism and hate crimes.  Just don’t look at the figures too closely.  Twenty percent of hate crimes are now committed by blacks, and, since blacks make up less than twenty percent of the population, I guess that means we commit a disproportionate number of hate crimes.

I’m not too worried.  The white media is too chickenshit to decisively tell the truth about that.  So are white politicians.  So are black politicians.  Anyone who says crime and poverty and truancy and semi-literacy and kids without parents are a blight in the black community is a racist.  Not many people want to be called racist so they either say nothing or mumble something that means nothing.

Oh, the trial.  The juvenile court judge convicted the kids but ordered they be released from custody to spend a few months in detention at home.  I’m very proud of them and hope they taught the enemy a lesson.

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