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Berlin Jewish Cultural League

What wonderful idea is Berlin Jewish Cultural League that comfortably immerses in arts we hundred seventy-five thousand Jewish Berliners who shall relax until Nazism disappears which will surely be soon. In meantime we have music and other outlets here and around Germany. It’s unfortunate but tolerable only Jews perform in orchestra and only Jews attend and publish reviews.

We enjoy concerts and don’t mind much when they ban Wagner in thirty-three but are unhappy they steal Beethoven in thirty-six. Following year Bach, Brahms, and Schumann are removed. After Austria’s annexed in thirty-eight Nazis decree no more Mozart and Schubert, great Viennese composers. At least they haven’t banished Mendelssohn. Our diminished group agrees we’d protest that. In forty-one Nazis dissolve Berlin Jewish Cultural League and, before we have time to speak, send us east to work camps where there are many fine Jewish orchestras.

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