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Deadbolt RulesFacebooktwitterlinkedinmail

During helluva hot day fishing in thin mountain air, sun scorched Harold and he drank too many beers but didn’t worry he caught no fish. He was thinking about rat hole he’d return to behind house in area few lived voluntarily.

Harold shoved key into rusty deadbolt lock which seized key he jerked and twisted till broke inside lock and he pounded landlord’s door but she wasn’t home. In trunk he got tools didn’t know how to use, and below lock pried door open inch with screwdriver left in place.

This looked promising, in indeterminate way, so he shoved another screwdriver in above lock, prying door another inch open. Above and below other screwdrivers he jammed in two more, splintering wood and cursing. This displeased neighbors but at least he wasn’t burglar.
Door looked strange pushed in three inches under and over deadbolt holding strong. Harold backed up and kicked several times, knocking deadbolt through broken doorjamb.

You’ll pay for damn door, landlord said later.

Where were you?

Not important since mine couldn’t have removed yours from lock.

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