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Millions are bullied at school every year. Documentary film Bully studies several. Let’s focus on two.

Bespectacled Alex is skinny, awkward, and nervous. He likes learning but says has trouble making friends, and when tries on school bus, bigger boy says, we’re not friends, I’ll shove broomstick up ass.

Alex’s father lectures nobody respects punching bag and urges him to be tougher. That’ll be difficult. Sister tells Alex she’s embarrassed they’re related because kids might reject her. Alex doubts that. She tells him, other kids don’t like you and think you’re creepy. His mother says, Alex tries to fit in but just can’t because he comes across as weird. For that he often gets pushed and slapped. Viewers assume Alex still tries.

Tyler, born after only twenty-six weeks gestation, remains weaker than most kids. Dad says he knows Tyler’s vulnerable and laments kids shove him against lockers and curse. When he’s in school shower, some punks take clothes. One time, standing at urinal, Tyler’s pushed in and pants are soiled. In classroom books are thrown on floor and he’s told, pick them up, bitch.

Tyler’s father goes to school many times but administrators always say they can’t stop people doing bad things. They may be correct. Day after Tyler hangs himself in bedroom closet, some kids come to school with ropes around necks.

Maybe ropes should be tightened.

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