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Handbook for Vigilantes

Do not be a vigilante.

Take up wrestling or mixed martial arts if you want to test yourself.
If you cannot shake obsessions and paranoia about criminal adversaries, consider psychotherapy or becoming a real cop, though you will probably be found lacking. In that regard, do not push and curse a police officer (in 2005) and force him to arrest you.

If you cannot restrain yourself from becoming a vigilante, under the guise of being a volunteer neighborhood watch leader, do not presume that you have police powers. You do not. Read the handbook.

Do not inundate the police with trivial complaints.

Leave your gun at home.

You must not hound people you are suspicious of. That means do not chase shoplifters, real or imagined, or speed after drivers who may or may not have been driving recklessly before you horrified them, or follow pedestrians in your neighborhood, even if they’re young black males.
When a police dispatcher tells you to stop following someone, obey the command. Qualified police officers are on the way.

Do not harass and ultimately pursue a skinny seventeen-year old like Trayvon Martin and then, one on one, face to face, get your ass kicked, and shoot the kid you’d been terrorizing, and then blame him for attacking you from behind, and hide behind self-defense claims you pray no living person can refute.

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