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Hot Car Big Date

Fred’s Firebird looked pretty good when bought at junkyard but never washed and seldom changed oil. One night while staring but seeing nothing he at low speed drove left front into cement base of parking lot light. Driver door thereafter growled while barely opening. Few weeks later he thought someone had shot window out then realized glass shattered because door too often slammed.

He strapped hard clear plastic over hole, sealing door, and exited over console through passenger door. After argument with girlfriend he ordered her out of car so could crawl over and walk in park where shirtless male joggers made her sigh. She demanded he say please. He repeated order and she reiterated demand. With gentlemanly restraint he thrice pushed her, each time failing to dislodge. Then he climbed over and scuffed around park.

Now he had no girlfriend but resolved to change that. He’d been watching pretty young woman on campus, introduced himself, and asked her out. She said yes. He took her to party during winter. Alas, heater didn’t work and he still had to enter first through passenger door. After party he took her home and by time crawled over console and out car she was shutting front door.

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