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Death in North Korea

North Korean Cuisine

rather than scavenge
for grass and weeds
mr and mrs north korea
sold tv bicycle sewing
machine and furniture
and in empty apartment
consumed each other
beneath plump portraits
of dear leaders kim il-sung
and kim jong-il

Kim Jong-Il

north korea
dear leader
kim jong il
died of food
and alcohol
overdose on
nuclear train
will they do
without him
they pray
confused son
kim jong un
just as great


dear leader
kim jong il
we mourn
stolen souls
we cry
at indignity
we cover mouths
at arrogance
we flail arms
at imbecility
we kneel
laying flowers
so hell
will take you

Urging North Koreans

stop crying
the unborn
rip down
his likeness
and dance

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