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Richard Nixon Where Are YouFacebooktwitterlinkedinmail

Richard Nixon called his first congressional opponent a commie, in ‘fifty senatorial race painted Helen Gahagan Duglas pink before trouncing her, and as vice president under Eisenhower snuggled with Joe McCarthy. By late ‘fifties he already wanted to invade Castro’s Cuba which however imperfect had just freed itself from American lackey Batista. After losing, perhaps by Chicago fraud, to JFK in ‘sixty he looked buried two years later by Pat Brown in California gubernatorial race but only fools declared Dick dead. He counterattacked in ‘sixty-eight winning presidency, wiretapping opponents and intensifying Vietnam war he said knew how to end only to win which could’ve easily against George McGovern in ‘seventy-two without Watergate but seldom removed fangs and had to leave early second term. Following emotional speech about family and office he walked toward helicopter outside White House, and I sensed Nixon’s going to it, he’s going to spin and flash double victory signs, and that’s why I still miss him

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