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Big Al Allosaurus Responds to Brother – Part 2Facebooktwitterlinkedinmail

How strange my brother accuses me of predatory incompetence and cognitive ineptitude. Let me clarify dark history with precision dear brother never practiced or understood. As youngsters he frequently tried to maim me and other siblings but I always overpowered him and rebuked with restrained bites. Our mother never disciplined him and would’ve perhaps turned on us all of had she not died of digestive distress and been eaten by other allosaurs who unintentionally left enough for us to survive.

My nameless brother states that I bore many wounds of combat. In our brutish world no one differed in that regard especially the massive herbivore who, contrary to claims, failed to thrash me. He was understrength, though less than I’d reckoned, and landed a tail lash that hurt my ribs but prevented me not from wearing him down and seizing his throat.

Rather than trying to steal carrion from a physically superior adult, a suicidal act my brother attributes to me, I in fact discovered the dead meat and was fast dining when dear brother ambushed and twisted my hand. This would’ve been his final act had I not quickly broken off chase, following a counter bite to the side of his face, and returned to still plentiful carrion.

Regarding other injuries I purportedly sustained, my brother cannot reliably comment, and his opinion I perished without carnal knowledge is incorrect. Indeed, I mated several times with females impressed by my martial spirit and hunting skill, qualities all males must still possess.

Regrettably, science does prove during a furious chase I quite unluckily stepped into a hole and fell, sustaining a severe fracture followed by infection in my right foot. This condition wouldn’t have proved fatal since I’d learned to survive as a scavenger, a more serene life than that of a hunter.

Truth about my final moment is rather mundane: I died not from battle or forlorn thirst but cardiac arrest that felled me on a sweltering day during a heat wave many others also perished.

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