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Charles White Endures – Updates 25 & 26

Two new poems have been added to Charles White Endures

25. Housing Update for Charles White

rolling hills road’s
still pretty
houses decent
don’t know which
was yours
driving out
canyon route
shaded by
dense trees
two unpleasant
young men
stepping onto road
waving to stop
i speed by
to see barred
altadena windows
and guys who
built them
sitting around
wish you’d sometimes
painted that

26. Mural News for Charles White

endless steel
cages surround
mary mcleod bethune
library ideally
your mural
high over
circulation desk
faces kids
reading and
using computers
information officer
says they don’t
really ask
about you but
revere bethune
know you’re fine
with that expecially
since many art
lovers visit
expressly to
see this
your final

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