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Was Vincent van Gogh Murdered?

This poem has been rewritten in prose and posted May 28, 2012

two clever biographers appear
on sixty minutes to say
vincent van gogh didn’t really
shoot himself in a wheat field
more than a bumpy mile from town
he couldn’t have walked so
far bearing a mortal wound
destined to finish him in thirty hours

instead the soon wealthy
biographers state two teenagers
in auvers a spot for swells outside
paris had tormented vincent putting
salt in his café drinks and sending
riverside girlfriends over to taunt
an already tormented man by pretending
to offer love vincent knew no one
ever would

therefore the biographers believe local
gossip that one of the two punks
shot vincent intentionally or not
in an auvers building descending
a half-mile to the inn where he
staggered and a doctor noted the bullet
fired from a strange angle and
distance further than in most
suicides and perhaps from a point
vincent couldn’t have reached

the biographers say it’s quite strange
vincent replied i think so when police asked
if he’d tried to commit suicide and as a
case clencher said don’t charge anyone else
i don’t know who really shot vincent
who yearned to die but am positive i’d
love to time travel and pistol whip those

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