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A few days ago I received several e-mails from a group that says it didn’t happen.

To the RePorter NoteBook:

Your insinuations and assertions that the Holocaust never happened are preposterous and insulting, and your general explanation of how the ruse was pulled off is pitiful: Americans in the conquered West and Russians in the occupied East lied about the hell they found.  Did they also fabricate the mountains of bones and corpses?  Did they magically create countless eyewitnesses, some of whom still live to help us remember?  You have an astonishingly convenient explanation about that, don’t you?  Yes, you say, the trove of writing done by and about the victims is usually ghostwritten, the work of novelists and other fabulists.  That’s a deception Joseph Goebbels could have crafted.  Are you gazing at a portrait of his twisted face now?

Loosen your jackboots and explain your point in gloating that Dachau, Buchenwald, and Bergen-Belsen weren’t death camps.  Technically, they were concentration camps where inmates were held in squalid conditions that made death by starvation or disease almost inevitable.  You’re almost panting as you state that typhus and criminal inmates were responsible for many of the deaths there. But don’t you understand?  Those were some of the fatal characteristics of concentration camps their creators desired.  Also, you really must ask yourselves why Jews and others were in the first place imprisoned in concentration camps and death camps.  There was no logical reason.  The Holocaust was ignited by the explicit racial policies of the Hitler regime.  Those policies, as perhaps even you know, had piece by piece stripped Jews of all rights.

The six death camps – Auschwitz, Belsec, Sobibor, Maidanek, Treblinka, and Chelmno – were indeed in Poland, not Germany.  And, despite your howls that proof is lacking, they were demonstrably in the business of mass murder.  Rudolf Hoess, the Commandant of Auschwitz, emphasized this at his trial, and in his autobiography.  He details his drive around the facility with Adolf Eichmann, looking for good places to gas people.  Then he describes how they decided Zyklon-B might be the best agent for human “rodent and pest control.”  They crammed seven hundred Russian prisoners into an underground room and gave it a try, and when everyone quit moving, the “Death Dealers” knew they were ready for the Jews.  If you really are questioning documentation by the condemned commandant, then you’re fools as well as racists.  This information will perhaps help you with the former problem: Heinrich Himmler, the Reichsfuehrer SS, admitted the appalling scope of the crime in a 1943 speech to German political leaders, when he spoke of “eliminating those who wanted to exterminate us.”  No one was trying to exterminate the Germans; let’s emphasize that German Jews had been very patriotic, and would have continued to be enormously helpful to their country.

Finally, of course, we must most of all stress that Adolf Hitler himself not merely admitted but boasted, in his last Testament, that mass murder had taken place.  As always, he regurgitated a litany of lies to excuse his policies, this time using the hoary line about Germans being “treated as mere packages and shares by these international money and finance conspirators (who) would have to answer for it (and) suffer their due punishment, though in a more humane way.”  Another ghostwritten document?  No, indeed.  There the disintegrating Fuehrer was, in his bunker Hades, surrounded by adoring minions who watched and carefully noted as he ranted about phantom enemies and proclaimed himself swell and righteous and brave for the way he’d handled things.

Physical, written, and oral evidence of the Holocaust are beyond overwhelming.  Those who ignore, distort, and deny the undeniable have a pathological urge to lie.  Why?

I would hammer your flawed positions in greater detail but after spending twenty years researching and writing “Hitler Here”, my biographical novel, I’m exhausted thinking about fascists.  I’ve always felt that contemporary fascist blowhards should be ignored since they’re more ridiculous than dangerous.  It’s the same here: the bile and bullshit you offer will never attract more than a handful of damaged souls, and you will all remain buried in the morass of the hateful and absurd.

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