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I got laid off again last week because liberals are still scared of the phony coronavirus but at least that gives me a chance to stay home and watch the Senate confirmation hearings of Amy Coney Barrett who’s impressive so I forgive her for saying the virus really “is infectious” and smoking causes cancer. Other than on those issues, I think we can trust her.

She’s gung ho pro-life and wisely refuses to say if Roe v. Wade has been correctly handled in courts. You know she’s against unlimited abortions as well as loonies who marry people of the same sex. She also makes it clear she’s no climate change fanatic because this issue is “very contentious and a matter of public debate.” She’ll help us figure it out.

Diplomatically – don’t say deceptively – she tells Dem senators she’s “not on a mission to destroy” Obamacare. But she’s criticized Supreme Court decisions that upheld most of the legislation. My buddies and I are confident she’ll help President Trump get rid of the whole thing. No way we believe twenty million of us will lose our health insurance. Amy and The Donald won’t let that happen.

I hope the Dems like it when Amy says the Voting Rights Act is “a triumph in the civil rights movement.” She proves her love for democracy when she testifies, “I certainly hope all members of the judiciary committee have more confidence in my integrity than to think I would allow myself to be used as a pawn to decide this election for the American people.”

I’m pretty clear how Amy will vote on most Supreme Court cases but, given her restraint, not sure how she feels about a president pardoning himself.

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