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People really don’t talk enough about my spirit and determination but that’s changing because I destroyed my coronavirus and charged out of the hospital and am already standing on a White House balcony before several hundred packed but mostly-masked supporters and removing my mask to tell everyone I’m not contagious. I’m not exactly saying I’ve tested negative for the coronavirus but I guarantee I’m not contagious like when bad things happened a little while last week. Then the virus vanished from my healthy body and it’s disappearing from our nation.

My doctor now says I’ve tested negative on consecutive days and I’m ready to go. I feel powerful and immune here in Orlando and want to give big kisses to you unmasked followers. The next day I want to do the same in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. I’m trying to save you from a guy who’s shot. Imagine if you lose. In addition to being senile and corrupt, Joe Biden wants to ban fracking and destroy your economies. Come on, suburban women, please try to like me, at least for a little while. Remember, I saved your damn neighborhoods from liberal thugs.

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