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I’m doing great and getting better every day but didn’t claim even to Sean Hannity that I’ve tested negative for the coronavirus. I know there was damn little of the virus in my system. There may have been none. I didn’t get into details with the doctors because Crazy Joe Biden as much as admitted he’s scared to meet me in person and instead wants a virtual debate next week in Miami or anywhere else he can hide, and I said no, that’s not what debating is about. Biden in another city would probably have the answers beamed into his ears and senile brain. I’m not going for that.

I’m ready to roll and could stage campaign rallies this weekend but have decided not to worry my great supporters and will hold off a little while and get ready to soon give speeches and debate in person but everyone knows Joe doesn’t want another beating like I gave him in our first debate and he quickly scheduled a town hall excuse for himself. It’s like I’m a great heavyweight champion trying to get a scared challenger into the ring.

I hope you watched Mike Pence the other night. He inspired me the way he annihilated that monster Kamala Harris who’s nasty and incompetent and people just don’t like her but they love me. People don’t like Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, either. They know she’s wrong to blame me that right wing militias want to kidnap her and take over her locked down and paranoid state. That would be like blaming Joe for left wing terror destroying our cities.

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