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Don’t worry. I bet you know. I’m already feeling great Sunday and tweeting up a storm from my makeshift executive office in Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Look at my latest tweet, just seconds ago, “US election poll: Trump BEATING Biden despite being in hospital with covid.” This comes from an important British monthly publication whose name I’ve forgotten and you wouldn’t remember anyway. Thirty minutes earlier I posted, “I really appreciate all of the fans and supporters outside of the hospital. The fact is, they really love our Country and are seeing how we are MAKING IT GREATER THAN EVER BEFORE!” An hour ago I urged, “Get Ready to Vote. Visit vote.donaldjtrump.com for information about voting in your state.” You can’t get into this super site unless you give us your name, address, email, and date of birth. We’re doing things the right way by shooing away phony voters.

The doctors, nurses, and staff are doing a super job for me here at Walter Reed. I wasn’t feeling so well Friday afternoon and my aides panicked a little and wouldn’t listen to my guarantees I was fine and preferred to continue working from home but they insisted and, as you saw, I walked smoothly from the White House, across the grass, and into my helicopter and came here for some high-powered experimental cocktails to suppress the virus and intravenous Remdesivir that will get me out of here sooner. As good as I feel that could be in a day or two.

I’m sure you’ve heard fake news trying to make me sound sicker than I was. I didn’t want to worry you and wouldn’t have but my chief of staff Mark Meadows and young doctor Sean Conley got confused and let enough slip so the media knew I twice had to take a little oxygen Friday before being hospitalized. No big deal. I haven’t needed any since.

Don’t let the media mislead you about the timeline. I had some extremely minor symptoms Thursday evening, took a test late that night, and, along with the first lady, received news we were positive for the coronavirus about one a.m. Friday. No way I traveled to political events Wednesday and Thursday, knowing I was infected or had symptoms. And I still believe we had a beautiful ceremony in the Rose Garden last Saturday to introduce future Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett. A few people who were there – Kellyanne Conway, Chris Christie, a couple of Republican senators, my campaign manager, and maybe a few others did test positive but that’s probably a coincidence. Anyway, they’re all a lot younger than I am and will beat this just as I am and Judge Barrett already did last summer.

I feel like making a video so you can see how healthy I am and by the time you get it I’ll be riding in a beast outside Walter Reed, waving to my dedicated supporters. You won’t be watching Sleepy Joe on the news tonight. You’ll be watching me.

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