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Donald Trump is not only the greatest president, economics wizard, and strategic thinker we’ve ever had, he’s by far the finest debater. Trump would have hogtied Abraham Lincoln and shouted him down every time he opened his bearded mouth. Joe Biden, no Lincoln even before senility eroded Crazy Joe’s modest gifts, is in even bigger trouble tonight.

“People have rights,” declares the challenger. “We should wait on nominating a new justice for the Supreme Court. He wants someone to help him get rid of the Affordable Care Act. That could cost twenty million Americans their health insurance.”

“You’re a socialist, Joe, and your policies would eliminate health insurance for a hundred eighty million Americans.”

Shaking his head, Biden says, “You’d also wipe out protection for pre-existing conditions. And…”

“You’ve already had forty-seven years as a senator and vice president and you’ve never come up with anything.”

“President Obama and I led the creation of the Affordable Care Act. It…”

“It’s a disaster, Joe, just like you and Obama.”

“President Trump,” says bespectacled moderator Chris Wallace, “you have never come up with a comprehensive health plan.”

“Chris, you’re already starting to irritate me as much as Joe, who just barely beat ancient Bernie Sanders. If Pocahontas Warren hadn’t quit, Joe would’ve lost. He got lucky.”

“Vice President Biden, if Judge Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed to the Supreme Court, will you end the filibuster?” asks Chris Wallace. “And will you pack the Supreme Court?”

Biden responds, “I’m a veteran of legislating in the Senate and for eight years served as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Furthermore…”

“He won’t answer the question,” says Trump. “Answer the question, Joe. It’s obvious he’ll pack the court with six new radicals to outvote the six to three majority I’ve brilliantly put together.”

“You’re a clown,” says Biden. “Two hundred thousand people have died from the coronavirus, forty thousand daily are being infected. And you panicked. You said President Xi of China was doing a great job.”

“If we’d listened to you we’d have had two million deaths by now. You said I was xenophobic when I cut off flights to and from China. Many Democrats admit that President Trump did a great job. We’re close to a vaccine and fewer are dying. You never could’ve done that, Joe. You don’t have it in you.”

“President Trump,” says Chris Wallace, “your statements about the coronavirus are at odds with expert opinions from your administration. Some of your people say the vaccine won’t be ready for widespread use until the summer of 2021.”

“I’ve got my military all set to distribute the vaccines and make everything right.”

Shaking his head as he laughs, Biden says, “Do you believe him, after all the lies he’s told you. He’s just not smart enough.”

“Don’t ever use the word smart with me,” says Trump. “You were the lowest student at a college you can’t name, and you’ve still done nothing in forty-seven years in Washington.”

In the manner of a harried schoolmaster, Chris Wallace says, “President Trump, you’ve questioned the benefits of masks. You’ve been holding large rallies where people are packed in and most aren’t wearing masks.”

“I’ve got huge outdoor rallies, tens of thousands waiting to see me. Joe would hold rallies, too, but doesn’t dare because no one would show up. Masks are okay once in a while. I’ve got one right here in my coat. See? Joe’s usually got a giant mask covering his face.”

“I’d like to respond, Chris…”

“My economy’s doing great. We had the greatest economy in the history of the world before the coronavirus, and I’m bringing us back. But we’ve got to open up. Alcohol and divorce and depression are all getting worse because people like Joe want to shut everything down.”

“Why does he so strongly want to open up,” says Biden. “One in six small businesses are gone. We’re in trouble.”

Chris Wallace checks his notes and says, “President Trump, you only paid seven hundred fifty dollars a year in federal taxes in two recent years.”

“I paid millions of dollars, millions…”

“Quit lying, man,” Biden says. “Pay your taxes and acknowledge that President Obama and I inherited the worst recession in decades and still left you with a booming economy. You’re screwing all of us. You let China develop the ‘art of the steal.’”

“Don’t tell me about other countries. Your son got three million dollars from Moscow.”

“That’s a lie by a dishonest president who’s been disastrous for blacks.”

“Tell us about your ‘super predator’ bill that targeted blacks, who I’ve helped more than anyone.”

Biden points at Trump. “That’s not what we did. We…”

“You and your radical left have turned Portland and Seattle and Detroit and many other cities into riot zones. You’re afraid to even say ‘law and order.’”

Trump waits a second. “It’s devastating, but Joe didn’t say it, did he? Why not? Come on, Joe, say ‘law and order.’”

“Law and order,” says Biden. “Okay?”

“Name one law enforcement group that has embraced you,” Trump orders.

Biden doesn’t respond.

Chris Wallace says, “Vice President Biden, you never called for the National Guard to help deal with a hundred nights of demonstrations and riots in Portland. “

“You’re right, Chris,” says Trump. “Somebody’s got to do something about Antifa, and we know Joe can’t stop them, if he even wants to. His leftist radicals are much more dangerous than my supporters.”

“All right,” says Chris Wallace. “I’d like to ask each of you, ‘Why should voters elect you?’”

“There’s never been an administration that’s done so much in three and a half years. We rebuilt the military, which Obama and Joe left in tatters, we improved the VA, I appointed an unprecedented three hundred federal judges, also three great Supreme Court justices. Obama and Joe left with more than one hundred twenty open judges. “

“Donald Trump is Putin’s puppy,” Biden says. “He’s also made our nation more divided and violent. He calls the military losers. My son got the Bronze Star in…”

“Your son got thrown out of the army and was given tens of millions of dollars by foreign governments. Why?”

“Quit interrupting me. And don’t ever refer to my late son, Beau, that way. He was an honorable soldier, public servant, and man.”

“I was talking about Hunter, who’s so scandalous.”

“You can’t open your mouth without another lie popping out…”

Chris Wallace says, “President Trump, I want you to quit interrupting.”

“Him, too.”

“You’re interrupting a lot more than he is. You agreed to the format of two minutes of uninterrupted talking by both candidates. Now, let’s move to climate change. Forest fires are raging throughout the West, and you, President Trump, took the United States out of the Paris climate accord. Are you willing to state that human activity is to blame for environmental catastrophes?”

“Human activity, to an extent. I believe we have to do everything to keep the environment healthy. But California doesn’t keep its forests clean, creating massive fire hazards. That’s a lack of management. I’m all for healthy living. I like electric cars but what they’re doing in California is ridiculous. They’d destroy the auto industry and our economy. And Joe’s Green New Deal would cost a hundred trillion dollars and we could never pay for that.”

“I don’t support the Green New Deal. I support the Biden plan.”

Chris Wallace adjusts his glasses and says, “Now, let’s deal with election integrity.”

“There’s no evidence whatever of corruption of mail-in ballots,” says Biden. “Donald Trump cannot stop you from voting. You can determine what this nation will look like.”

Unclenching his teeth, Trump says, “It’s a disaster sending millions of ballots all over the country. They found some in a creek. This is fraud. We might not know the results for months. It’s a fraud, and it’s a shame.”

“In 2018 thirty-one million voted with mail-in ballots,” says Chris Wallace.

“I’m urging my voters to be poll watchers,” says Trump. “And if I see tens of thousands of mishandled ballots, I’m not going along with it. Eighty million ballots will overwhelm the post office.”

“You’ve done everything you can to screw up the post office,” Biden says.

“Don’t interrupt. I just want a fair election. You asked about the Proud Boys, Chris. To them I say, ‘Stand back and stand by.’”

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