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How about this backdrop? The White House lit up at night, baby. While Joe Biden hides in his basement, I’m addressing you in front of the world’s greatest home, where I’ve lived four years and will reside four more maybe even eight. Thanks to my gorgeous daughter Ivanka for introducing me. Isn’t she fantastic? I’ve got great genes and always marry babes, and look at the results.

I accept your enthusiastic nomination to continue as president and proudly tell you, in response to the China virus, I have enabled us to test far more people during the pandemic than any other nation. Don’t worry we’ve also had many more deaths than any other country. We’re working on three very promising vaccines that would normally take years to develop but under my guidance they’ll be ready by the end of the year if not sooner. It’s time for us to go back to work and back to school. We need to fill our offices, classrooms, stadiums, arenas, and churches, and we need to do so with people like those in this vast and wonderful crowd tonight – without masks and rubbing shoulders. That’s how you crush the coronavirus.

I know more about security than anyone in the world and have made us much safer. I got us out of the Iran nuclear deal that was so unfair to our country. International inspectors visited Iranian facilities many times and verified compliance but that doesn’t matter. Using my art of breaking deals, I’ve now got us in a situation where we don’t have anyone checking up on Iran and that’s why I need to win the election and kick ass there and elsewhere in the Middle East. You know Sleepy Joe doesn’t have the energy to start a war.

You probably see my splendid border wall on TV all the time. We’re building ten miles a week and have three hundred miles sealing off the Mexican hordes. Our southern border has never been so secure. Soon, those sanctuary cities the Democrats love will have a lot fewer illegal aliens. We have to be on guard.

The Democrats have the most extreme set of proposals in our history. They want to hike your taxes four trillion dollars. You’d be broke while Joe Biden pursues his agenda of Made in China. My agenda is Made in the U.S.A. I’m going to force the Chinese to play fair by wrapping a lot more tough tariffs around their necks.

Look at all the ways we’re better than our Democrat adversaries. We believe all children, born and unborn, have a right to life. The liberals have no problem stopping a baby’s heart in the ninth month of gestation. It’s just as frightening that if Biden becomes president he’ll demolish our suburbs and release criminals into your neighborhoods. He’ll take away your guns. Joe Biden is the Trojan Horse for Marxism. He’ll also defund the police and make every city like Democrat-run and riot-torn Portland.

Let’s be honest. The overwhelming majority of police desperately want to do a good job for you, but they’re afraid to act. We can never allow mob rule that’s ruining liberal cities all over the country. If you want to be led by the party of anarchists, rioters, looters, and flag burners, vote for the Joe Biden and the Democrats. As long as I’m president we will protect the flag and ensure law and order and your right to prosper in the greatest nation ever. God bless you, even those few wearing masks.

As I pose with my beautiful wife and five wonderful children and my grandchildren, we watch spectacular fireworks spell TRUMP over and behind the Washington Monument. Imagine how you’d feel if that had been your name lighting the sky.

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