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I’m not going to let Democrats use the United States Postal Service to steal the election. We all know they’re claiming the China Virus is so dangerous that people can’t safely go to the polls. Listen, I already offered to postpone the election until my scientists develop a vaccine, and that won’t be long, but the Dems don’t want that. They want a phony election. That’s why so many of them, unlike Republicans, plan to vote by mail.

Straight out I’m telling our enemies I won’t give them the money necessary to have universal mail-in voting. That recipe for fraud won’t happen because I’m going to limit overtime pay and slow down deliveries of ballots so they’ll arrive too late to be counted. We’re studying a variety of executive actions to force people to vote at the polls in November.

I’ve got a fine team helping me ensure we get a fair election. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is a big-time Trump backer and can be trusted to stamp out corruption and at the same time be very efficient and assure Americans that the “United States Postal Service can handle election mail.”

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