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We all know Joe Biden hasn’t been thinking straight in years but even in his crazy condition I expected him to pick someone better than Kamala Harris as his vice presidential running mate. She’s the nastiest and most liberal of all U.S. Senators. It was disgraceful how she insulted Brett Kavanaugh during his Senate hearing for the Supreme Court. For political reasons, Harris tried to frame a good man. And during a presidential primary debate she was very disrespectful to her former friend, Joe Biden, virtually calling him a lover of segregationists because he’d been cordial to southern senators who opposed busing. I’ve got great sources and guarantee Sleepy Joe was pissed at the betrayal but now he’s desperate because of my great handling of the coronavirus pandemic and knows he’s got to try something wild to get close enough to try to steal the election with phony mail-in ballots.

If Joe still had any judgment, he’d know Kamala Harris can’t help him. In the Democrat primary she couldn’t attract supporters or much money and dropped out before voting began so people wouldn’t see her in the tank. She wouldn’t have even taken her home state of California. Our country won’t back Crazy Joe and Phony Kamala. They hate our way of life and are weak on crime. I don’t care Harris was attorney general of San Francisco and then of California. She put pot smokers in jail and turned murderers loose.

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