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Trump and Fauci in PrivateFacebooktwitterlinkedinmail

Hooded and handcuffed, Dr. Anthony Fauci is hustled into a dimly lit interior White House room where President Trump dismisses two secret service agents and rips off the little man’s hood, saying, “We’re gonna talk.”

“Okay, fine, Mr. President. But how about removing these handcuffs?”

“Things are going the wrong way fast.”

“I’m thankful you finally acknowledge that,” says Fauci. “We need to shut down lots of places that have reopened and keep closed lots of others.”

“I’m talking about my polling numbers and reelection prospects.”

Fauci frowns.

“This shouldn’t be a political consideration, Mr. President. Florida, Texas, Arizona, and others have been recording one-day highs for infections.”

“Only because we’re testing more than anyone else in the world.”

Tensing, Fauci says, “The European Union is testing as much as we are and their new cases are declining while ours go up. We had thirty-one thousand new cases in a day recently versus four thousand in the EU.”

“I don’t trust European statistics.”

“You should try to learn from them. Despite horrific casualties in the early stages of the pandemic, countries like Spain, Italy, France, and Belgium have dramatically reduced new infections and deaths.”

Chin out, Trump says, “I’m doing a great job.”

“No, you aren’t and neither are the lackey governors who opened restaurants and bars and other nonessential businesses to please you and your constituents. Our data indicate rates of infection are also increasing.”

“We’re going to get this country rolling again. Next month the kids will be back in school and this virus will either disappear or turn into something like the flu and we learn to deal with it.”

“We’re learning,” Fauci says, “but we’re not going to be doing much in classrooms. Lots of districts are planning to distance learn and others will run classes in two sessions, one day on and one day off. We’ll have a disaster if we don’t proceed patiently.”

“I’ll cut off federal funding for districts that don’t start school again,” he says, and puts the hood back over Fauci’s head.

Reaching into his pocket, Trump presses an electronic button and two agents appear. He jerks his neck and says, “Get him out of here.”

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