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The Graduate at FiftyFacebooktwitterlinkedinmail

People still love The Graduate and ask the same questions. What happened to Mrs. Robinson? How’s her daughter Elaine doing? Is she still with Benjamin Braddock? No one ever asks how I am. I’m only Mr. Robinson, the trusting husband whose wife incessantly screws Benjamin, the son of my law partner. I should kill the little bastard, especially after he starts dating Elaine and compels my wife to accuse Benjamin of getting her drunk and raping her. I check that out and learn the truth. Mrs. Robinson is a nymphomaniac. At least I force my daughter to quit college and agree to marry a nice young man. Their union might help Mrs. Robinson and me rebuild our relationship. Instead, that obsessive runt Benjamin breaks into the wedding chapel and disturbed Elaine flees with him. That’s what you know. Happy ending, right? No sir.

I call the police and report a kidnapping. They quickly locate Elaine and Benjamin in a nearby motel room. The little punk accuses me of ruining their first night as man and wife. I try to explain what just happened but the police just smirk and drive away. They should file a report because unstable guys like Benjamin never just miraculously become normal.

Right away Elaine gets pregnant and has another child a year after the first. Benjamin starts commenting she’s getting chubby and my beautiful daughter, instead of saying shut up or leaving him, runs into the bedroom and cries. Benjamin works a lot of late hours for a guy who’s often out of the office when Elaine calls. I know damn well what he’s doing. I can see it in his weird expressions.

One night two detectives come to their home to talk about complaints he’s stalking a woman. Another woman accuses him of slapping her. Look at what you married, I tell my daughter. She’s stuck at home caring for two babies and not ready to make a move. Meanwhile, Mrs. Robinson and I have had separate bedrooms since her betrayal. Every time I look at her I see Benjamin between her legs. She’s disgusting. If they’ll betray you once they’ll do it again, and I’m pretty sure she screwing around with a friend of one of my client’s. I confront her. She ignores me. I say I can do this too. She says she doubts it but go ahead and try.

I’m out of practice and don’t have much luck so start hiring hookers to meet me in hotel rooms where, after twenty so encounters, there’s a knock and I’m arrested. Mrs. Robinson tells me I’m pathetic. I tell her she’s a whore. She says I ought to know. Elaine says, Daddy, how could you. The real question is why I don’t kill Benjamin. He’s not worth it. Neither is Mrs. Robinson. I don’t even punch her. On occasion I just give her a couple of slaps. Once she calls the police. They don’t see any damage. My destruction is inside.

Mrs. Robinson sues me for half our property and she can have it and whoever’s unlucky to get her next. At least we both agree to help Elaine find a part-time job and go back to college and study business so she can build skills and regain confidence and leave that bastard as soon as possible.

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