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Triumph in TulsaFacebooktwitterlinkedinmail

No need to mention there are a helluva lot of empty seats in the upper deck of the Tulsa arena but I do hint by saying some bad people attacked our town tonight. Or, I’m thinking, maybe some tough Tulsans believe Democrat propaganda this county has the highest number of coronavirus cases in Oklahoma and it’s dangerous to congregate in an arena with several thousand MAGA supporters, most of them bravely unmasked like me. You’ve got to be unmasked to chant USA, USA, USA.

It’s great to be in front of so many people after a hundred days pigeonholed in the White House. My supporters energize me and I thrill them by beginning our campaign in their state. The silent majority we represent is stronger than ever. And everyone here knows I’m the biggest star in the world. I’m dynamic and clever and my fans clap and cheer when I mention the Chinese Virus and remind them I turned us into the dominant energy superpower in the world.

In order to stay on top we’ve got to be tough with radical leftist cities like New York, San Francisco, and Seattle. Look at Seattle, six downtown blocks occupied by anarchists. I’ve told Governor Inslee, call me, I’ll help, it’ll take less than an hour. He hasn’t called. He’s a weakling. Remember what Democrats would do to our country. And don’t forget what they’ll do to your homes once they defund the police. Imagine a lady’s home alone while her husband is away working. She hears someone breaking in and calls nine-one-one, and she gets a recording, “Sorry, this number is no longer in service.”

All over the United States the radicals are dragging down statutes of great heroes like Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis. That’s a disgrace. And in Portland these sick people toppled statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and got away with it. But I guarantee you it ain’t happening with the Jefferson Memorial or Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. We’ve got those places surrounded by some very strong people.

Look around at all this trouble caused by liberals and remember: if Joe Biden is elected he will surrender our country to mobsters who want to double or triple your taxes and destroy your wealth. I just know that won’t happen.

Tulsa Race Riot of 1921

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